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Welcome to the beauty, history and art that is vintage jewelry. We buy and sell vintage rhinestone, costume, designer, bakelite, and antique Georgian & Victorian jewelry, sterling, and accessories.
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TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. Many of these items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only, but you are always welcome to ask.
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Morning Glory Collects... 
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Sea shell & Mother-of pearl Jewelry 


VICTORIAN silver and sea shell brooch circa 1880, souvenir of a long ago English beach holiday, 1-1/2" by 1-1/4".   View   View   #V34745 VICTORIAN ENGLISH  "Souvenir from John O Groats" seashells  2-inch oval brooch. This is a delight, with each tiny seashell pronged in place, and each in perfect condition.   View    #V18652 VICTORIAN silver brooch with tiny real prong-set seashells, dental and beaded edge, 1-3/4".   View   #V31800 


OPERCULUM shell earrings, also called Shiva shell, set in silver gilt, 1-1/4". This is a sea shell also known as Pacific Cat's Eye, and it is Turban snail shell.     View   #V34765 VICTORIAN cowry shell set in gold brooch, 1-1/3".  View   #V31799  



   VICTORIAN letter opener with agate handle, mother-of-pearl blade, silver fittings, 7-1/2".   View   View   View   #V31978

VICTORIAN mirror of carved mother-of-pearl with a sterling band, 7-3/4", circa 1850.   View   View   #a6877        

VICTORIAN letter opener with mother-of-pearl blade and silver handle, 7".   View   View   #V31979


VICTORIAN Sheffield etched floral design mother-of-pearl penknife, hallmarked "WN" dated 1897, 2".   View   #V31575 VICTORIAN mother-of-pearl aide memoire with etched flowers, leaves and geometric designs, gold clasp, 2-1/2" by 1-1/2".   View   View   View      #V31963    PORTRAIT BROOCH set in carved mother-of-pearl frame, 1-5/8 inch brooch.   View   #V16362


 MOTHER-OF-PEARL 1-3/4" hand brooch holding a pearl and wearing a gold wire ring and bracelet.   View    #V8500 

   MOTHER-OF-PEARL carved carriage and horse brooch, 2-2/3".   View   #Q28107

VICTORIAN mother-of-pearl hand pin, 1-3/4".  View   #V25274 


HASKELL Hess stick coral round dress clip with antiqued gold tone filigree center, circa 1940,  2-1/4".  View   #H34221 SEA SHELL necklace on brown cord, brown glass button style closure, 15" length and 2" drop.   View   #Y34316 HASKELL Frank Hess stick coral and gold tone leaves coil bracelet, circa 1940 unsigned, 1-3/8"wide at the front and adjustable in size.  View   View   #H34224


HASKELL Hess sea shells, wood flower and gold tone leaves and flower dress clip, 4".  A Frank Hess design for Miriam Haskell, it is unsigned as was typical of this era circa 1940.    View   View   #H34512

HASKELL Hess sea shell necklace and bracelet, necklace 15-1/2" by 1-1/8" bracelet 7" by 1". A Frank Hess design for Miriam Haskell, it is unsigned as was typical of this era circa 1930s. Another sea shell style can be seen in "Miriam Haskell Jewelry" by Gordon & Pamfiloff page 151.   View   View   #H34489

HASKELL Hess cord bracelet with shells and flowers, 6-1/2" by 1-1/4". A Frank Hess design for Miriam Haskell, it is unsigned as was typical of this era circa 1930s. These same flowers are used in the yellow clip on page 150 of Gordon & Pamfiloff's "Miriam Haskell Jewelry".   View   View   #H34488


 HASKELL Hess green and white genuine seashell necklace on cream colored cord, 14" by 1-1/4". A Frank Hess design for Miriam Haskell, it is unsigned as was typical of this era circa 1930s.     View   View   #H34555

SEASHELL and colored glass charms dangle pin circa 1940, 4" by 3". The charms include sea shells, fish, starfish and flowers. While this does have some Hess Haskell features, I cannot find it in any ads or art work so far to claim that it really is a Haskell.    View   #H35368

SILVER sea shell ends hinged bracelet with ruby cabochon ends, 6-2/3" by about 1/3".   View   #N62818


    DeNICOLA  real seashell pin with clear rhinestones set in gold tone, 2-1/3".  View  #X24140

 VICTORIAN jet carved sea shell shaped brooch, 1-1/8".   View   View   #V29257       

   DIOR by Kramer dolphin and seashells pin in gold tone, faux pearls and rhinestones, 2-1/3".   View   #X9553


    JONNE gold tone double-hinged mother-of-pearl and  pastel rhinestones 1-7/8" front bracelet and 1-1/2" earrings.  View   #H22679

   JONNE  gold plated base metal, rhinestones, faux pearls, real mother of pearl shells, bracelets and 1-1/2" earrings.  View   View   #H25040

    JONNE  gold plated base metal, rhinestones, faux pearls, real mother of pearl shells, 7" by 1-5/8" bracelet and 1-1/2" earrings.  View   View   #H25040


VRBA brooch, real Textile Cone sea shell with green Italian glass leaves, orange carved plastic shell (from the Nettie Rosenstein collection), mother-of-pearl buttons, coral glass beads, clear and yellow rhinestones set in gold tone, 4" by 4-1/2".   View   #K31248

VRBA brooch, real sea shell (Lazarus Jewel Box that has been polished down to the mother-of-pearl) with artificial graduated hue stick coral, aqua glass beads and pink and yellow rhinestones set in gold tone flower brooch, 5".   View   View   View   #K31246

 VRBA brooch, real Tiger Cowry sea shell with green Italian glass leaves, aqua glass molded beads, coral beads and clear rhinestones set in gold tone, 4-5/8".   View   #K31247   


SHELL brooch with cream and white sea shell and shell pieces mounted on a plastic backing, 2-5/8".   View   #Y29618 VRBA abalone sea shell brooch with stick coral, aqua glass beads, artificial pearls and seed pearls, aqua, blue and green rhinestones and green pressed glass leaves, 5-1/2".  View   #K31474   SEASHELL 2-1/2" brooch with pastel green cabochons and rhinestone pave.  View   #Y10706


STERLING necklace with aqua and green enameled sea shells, each with an artificial pearl inside, all on a lovely paperclip chain, 17" long with 1-1/4" pendant.   View   #Q35348   SEASHELL brooch of a flower bouquet done entirely in sea shells,  4-1/3. The intricacy and workmanship of this is the best I have ever seen in sea shell jewelry, and it is also the largest. The pin back is so fragile that I do not think it could be worn, but it is a lovely ornament for your dresser.    View   View   #Y62473 BRACELET silver tone filigree bracelet set with lovely oval sea shell insets, light weight and easy to wear, 7-1/3" by 1-1/4".   View   View   #Y37212 


SHELLS brooch with bright yellow shells and pale aqua shell pieces mounted on a plastic back, 2-1/3".  These are called "yellow banded land snail" shells.  View   #Y29617 HASKELL Hess snail shells and wood turtle brooch with green glass leaves and brown wooden beads, 4-1/2". These are called "yellow banded land snail" shells.  The advertisement for this piece can be seen in the book "American Costume Jewelry" by Brunialti on page 253 and is dated there at 1942.   View   View   #H36851 SHELLS screw-back earrings, a 1-1/4" white sea shell full of smaller sea shells.   View   #Y29619  


 SHELLS cut and curled shell or paper flower design screw-back earrings, 1-1/3".   View   #Y29620 SEASHELL petals and plastic florets brooch.   View   #Y22001 SHELLS white and black seashell screw back earrings, 1-1/3".   View   #Y29622


MOTHER-OF-PEARL carved leaves necklace with seed beads sew onto picot-edged band, 15" by 1".   View   View   View   #Y29740

   ORNATE gold tone 17" by 1-1/2" necklace, 2" brooch and 1-1/4" earrings with mother-of-pearl, art glass cabs and purple and green rhinestones.  View   View   View   View   View   View   #Y26348 

  SCHIAPARELLI mother-of-pearl two-strand bead necklace with blue rhinestone set in silver tone clasp.   View   View   #9473


   SHELLS screw backed earrings of cream and aqua sea shells, 1-1/2".  View   #Y29621  PINK and lavender rhinestones and seashells set in gold tone 2" brooch and 1-1/4" earrings.   View   #Y24200   CLAMPER hinged golden glitter bangle with peach and green seashells, 7/8" wide.  #B25027


     SEASHELL 7" by 2" charm bracelet and 1-1/2" earrings. #Y24849

 CHARM bracelet of green bakelite, gold tone metal sea shells, wood beads and mother-of-pearl.  #Y24803

  CHARM bracelet with sea shells and fish charms.   #Y20162   


JOSEFF gold tone seashell motif earrings, 3-7/8".   View   #X29104    

TRIFARI "Moonshell" sea shell jelly belly set in original box, 1944.  View  View 1949 Ad  #T20815 

CASTLECLIFF gold tone fish, shell and anchor necklace, chain 14" pendant 6/3/4".  View   #X60951


SHELL artificial pearl and clear rhinestone brooch and earrings, stylized sea shell design, pin 2-1/4" earrings 1-1/8".  View   #Y33681 PLASTIC sea shell, fruit and pea pod screw-back earrings, 3".   #B61307 SEASHELL basket pin with tiny colored seashell flowers, 2-1/3 by 2-7/8"  View   #B27768



 Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry                 

TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
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Instead, articles are added on a regular basis to JEWEL CHAT on line Magazine, a wonderful reference for  information on many makers and styles of vintage jewelry. 
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