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Welcome to the beauty, history and art that is vintage jewelry. We buy and sell vintage rhinestone, costume, designer, bakelite, and antique Georgian & Victorian jewelry, sterling, and accessories.
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We work constantly to offer extensive jewelry research, pictures and information on our reference site " Jewel Chat " and gallery " Morning Glory Collects ". 
We share our reference material free of charge and work hard to make it accurate, but as with any research, mistakes can be made. We are not responsible for the use you make of the information here or the honest mistakes that may occur from time to time.
We do not offer identification, valuation or appraisal services. 

TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. Many of these items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only, but you are always welcome to ask.
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  VICTORIAN sterling with yellow- and rose-gold gilt overlay leaves surrounding a 3-dimensional bird, ivy, leaves and flowers on horseshoe brooch, maker's marked and "AJ", 1-1/3". View #V28799

  VICTORIAN pot metal horseshoe shaped picture frame embellished with flowers and bows.   View   View   #a17409  

   VICTORIAN hallmarked sterling horseshoe pin with yellow and rose gold roses and leaves overlay, beaded edge, 1-1/2". View View View #V29641 


   VICTORIAN cut steel horseshoe pin for good luck, 1-1/8". View #V25994

   VICTORIAN 10k yellow gold horseshoe good luck ring, size 7-1/2, 1/2" wide at front. View #G29565 

  VICTORIAN ivory horseshoe good luck pin, 1-1/8". View #V26829 


  VICTORIAN hallmarked PP&Co sterling silver double horseshoe brooch with leaves and gold overlay, 1-1/8".   View   View   #V29951  This Victorian photo shows a woman wearing a horseshoe brooch on her tie brooch.   VICTORIAN gold diamond and seed pearl horseshoe pin, 3/4". This Victorian photo shows a woman wearing a very similar brooch.   View   #V29947



VICTORIAN sterling silver with yellow and rose gold overlay horseshoe pin with arrow, flowers and leaves, hallmarked 1886, 1-1/3" by 1-1/4".   View   #V32616

VICTORIAN 9 carat yellow gold horse jumping over fence with two tiny rose cut diamonds for his eyes, horseshoe frame, crop and jumping cross country fence beneath the horse, on a 9 karat gold 18 belcher chain, illegible mark on the loop above the horse, 1-1/4" pendant. Circa 1890, a very similar piece can be seen in the 1897 Sear's Catalogue, 2nd row, 3rd item from the left.  View   View   #V34592 




 VICTORIAN Whitby jet hand carved horseshoe and faceted studs brooch, 1-7/8". View #V26678 

      VICTORIAN vulcanite horse shoe and flowers pin, 1-3/4". View #V26448

    VICTORIAN vulcanite horseshoe and criss-cross brooch, 2". View #V26679 


      VICTORIAN vulcanite horseshoe bracelet, double hinged at the sides and adjustable to sizes 6-3/8", 6-3/4" and 7-1/8", 1-1/4" wide at front.  View   View   #V31335    A horseshoe stick pin adorns her high collar, and her slide chain connects to a tiny brooch from which her watch is suspended.   VICTORIAN vulcanite horseshoe clover brooch, 1-7/8".   View   #V28869


VICTORIAN pressed horn double horseshoe and blacksmiths nail pin, 1-3/4". View #V28060   VICTORIAN jet horseshoe stickpin with faceted "nails" design, 7/8" shoe on 3" pin.  View   #V28788  VICTORIAN cut steel horseshoe pierced earrings circa 1890, 1/2".   View   #V29439


VICTORIAN carved jet horseshoe charm, 7/8".   #V27899

 STERLING puffy heart charm with good luck side and engraved "Daddy", size 5/8".   View   #N28575 

VICTORIAN jet horseshoe charm, 1".     #V28873


VICTORIAN lady wearing a horseshoe brooch and criss-cross bangle and holding a feathered hat.   View   View   #a50710

MOTHER-OF-PEARL carved carriage and horse brooch, 2-2/3".   View   #Q28107

VICTORIAN lady wearing a horseshoe bar pin for good luck and a floral bodice ornament. Carte de visite signed "H. Walker, Bradford, 150 College Road, Manchester Rd, Bradford".   View



  McCLELLAND BARCLAY sterling horse and oak leaf brooch and bracelet.   View   #X23987/23988

EISENBERG Original gold tone horse brooch with star-set clear rhinestones, red enameled hooves, light finish wear consistent with it's age, 3" by 2".  View   #E34363   

 SILVER three horses running brooch, 2-1/3".   View   #N26212   


   KORDA silver tone horseman pin, 2-1/2", circa 1941.   View  #X23008  

 CORO 2" Duette of horse heads with matching screw back 1-1/8" earrings. Red and aqua rhinestones and enameling decorate each piece. View View View View #C24994

  JELLY BELLY Lucite molded horse head jelly belly, 2-1/2".   View   #Y24788  


   JAY STRONGWATER winged dragon brooch with horse head. His pieces always have a different look, and this is my all-time favorite! Circa 1998.  View   View    #K14568

       IRADJ MOINI coral and jade horse brooch.   View   View   #K22497

  PEGASUS winged horse sterling vermeil 3-1/4" by 2-1/4" brooch. View #Y23824 


ELZAC Hobby horse pin, green ceramic with yellow Lucite mane and tail and painted detail, 3", pat 135,521 dated 1943. Designed by Eliot Handler, this can be seen in  in "A Tribute To America" by Brunialti on pages 191 and 192. The pin was for sale as "Hobby" in the 1944 Sears catalog.   View   #X63966  PEP flying horse head brooch in textured gold tone with clear rhinestone accents, 3" by 2-1/4". The "PEP" mark is often found with an "Erwin Pearl" mark, circa 1970. It is in excellent condition.    View   #X38992 CORO enameled horse head brooch with red rhinestone ears and an aqua rhinestone eye, circa 1948, 2". An ad for this pin can be seen HERE.    View   #C61156


WOOD carved hinged bangle with horse head and glass eyes, see on the cover and on page 31 of "Wooden Jewelry" by Mary Jo Izard, 6-1/3" by 1". This is a rare piece of circa 1950 wood jewelry.    View   #w33400  WOOD horse brooch with reins, a black mane and tail and a painted eye, 3".   View   #w33422  WOOD horse head brooch in Lucite oval with metal brads and a glass eye, circa 1950, 2-3/4". This is shown in Izard's "Wooden Jewelry" page 77.   View   #w33356


  BAKELITE and wood horse head brooch with glass eye, 3".  View   #B64255  BAKELITE butterscotch translucent horse brooch with brass studs, 3". This piece can be seen on page 10 of "Wooden Jewelry" book by Mary Jo Izard, and in Matthew Burkholz's book "The Bakelite Collection" on page 186.  View    #B64702   BAKELITE burnt sienna resin washed horse head brooch with glass eye and painted reins, 2-3/4".  View   #B64701 



LUCITE reverse carved and painted horse head brooch, 3".   View   #B62952

REVERSE painted glass ball charms brooch with braided leather bar pin top, dangles include a horse head, jockey rider and Scotty dog, 2-1/2" by 1".   View   #Y63483

WOOD and Lucite horse head brooch with a whimsical coy expression, 3".      View    #w62830


  BAKELITE red horse head pin with clear rhinestone trimmed mane, 2-5/8".   View   #B20420

  BAKELITE butterscotch prancing horse pin with brass studs, circa 1945.   View   #B15878  

   BAKELITE horse clamper in red and black with metal accents. The paint on the saddle is slightly worn as the picture shows, and it has been professionally repaired, which can only be seen on the inside View . The repair is old, tight and very well done. View View #B18653


      CORO unsigned gold tone and rhinestone horse head fur clip, 1-3/4".   View   #C27298

   WOOD carved and painted English rider and horse 2 3/4" pin.    View   #w13519 

   LUCITE carved and painted horse head brooch, 2-1/2".  View   #B26383


BAKELITE laminated ring with "Good Luck" horseshoe imbedded inside, size 12, 3/4" front.    View   #B32187  BLACK enameled horse hinged bangle with clear red and green rhinestones set in gold tone, 7" by 2/3".   View   #Y60416 HORSE SHOE ">U<" maker's mark horseshoe and tackle dangle pin, 1-7/8".   View   #Y51099


CORO Duette horse heads brooch and clips combination in gold tone with red and clear rhinestones, circa 1945, 2". Here is an image of the original ad for this Duette View.    View   #C61046 STERLING pony brooch with blue rhinestones circa 1945, 2-5/8". A brooch in this style can be seen in "Mexican Silver, 20th Century Handwrought Jewelry and Metal Work", by Morrill & Berk page 16, where the date it to 1945. So while this pin is not marked, I think it may be Mexican, too.    View   #N33478 STERLING pony brooch with red rhinestones circa 1945, 2-5/8". A brooch in this style can be seen in "Mexican Silver, 20th Century Handwrought Jewelry and Metal Work", by Morrill & Berk page 16, where they date it to 1945. So while this is not marked, I think this may be Mexican, too.   View   #N39336


POT METAL zebra brooch with clear rhinestones, black enameling and a little red eye, 2".   View   #Y61243 HORSE Ken Lane unsigned horse head brooch, 2".   View   #Y61662 PEGASUS brooch with glass gray mabe belly and clear rhinestones set in gold tone, 3-1/2".   View   #Y61670


  JUDITH LEIBER horse ornament with red, clear and blue rhinestones, original gray bag, 2-1/3" by 2-1/3".   View   #X63041  


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TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
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PLEASE NOTE: Regretfully, it is no longer possible to respond to individual questions regarding jewelry history, identification or value, or to offer written or verbal appraisals or opinions. The demand for this kind of information is absolutely too overwhelming for one dealer to fill. 
I love jewelry, but appraising and selling are two entirely different businesses, and I choose selling and research as my business.

Instead, articles are added on a regular basis to JEWEL CHAT on line Magazine, a wonderful reference for  information on many makers and styles of vintage jewelry. 
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