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Welcome to the beauty, history and art that is vintage jewelry. We buy and sell vintage rhinestone, costume, designer, bakelite, and antique Georgian & Victorian jewelry, sterling, and accessories.
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Morning Glory Collects... 
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This scrap card is friendship greetings
"Friends will meet and friends will sever,
But true friendship lives forever."

"Life bear for you it's sweetest flowers"
The rose and dove symbolize peace and love.

"May true friends be around you"


deliver a message in jewelry, especially for the Victorians with their love of symbols. A hand made of black vulcanite and holding a yew branch stood for memory. Clasped hands stood for friendship, and a hand holding a fan flirtation.


   VICTORIAN vulcanite hand holding key and flowers pin, 2-3/4" .  View   #V25281

VICTORIAN vulcanite hand pins.

VICTORIAN "Fede" or clasped hands pin signifying friendship, dyed horn or vulcanite, 2-5/8". Hallmark on back.  View   View   #V25192


   VICTORIAN vulcanite hand with lacy cuff holding basket pin, 2-1/3".  View   #V25280

      VICTORIAN hand holding basket of fruit brooch, 3".   View   #V25880

   VICTORIAN vulcanite hand with fluted cuff holding basket pin, 2-1/4".  View   #V25279


  VICTORIAN vulcanite hand holding key and rose pin, 2-7/8" .  View   #V25281

     VICTORIAN vulcanite hand holding fan pin, 2-1/3". Fans often referred to a flirtation.  View   View   #V25190

   VICTORIAN 2" vulcanite  hand brooch holding sheaf and wreath of roses, symbolic of hope and love.   View   #V13204 


  VICTORIAN creamy plastic hand holding fan pin, 1-7/8".   View   #V27251

    VICTORIAN mother-of-pearl hand pin, 1-3/4".  View   #V25274

  MOTHER-OF-PEARL 1-3/4" hand brooch holding a pearl and wearing a gold wire ring and bracelet.   View    #V8500 


VICTORIAN ivory hand brooch with yellow gold band "bracelet" and rod, 2".   View   #V31786

VICTORIAN sterling hand pin and clip with tiny Persian turquoise stones, 925/100 mark on back, 1-1/2".   View   #V29842

   VICTORIAN  ivory hand pin with ring and bracelet on it, lovely detail and amazing mellow color that comes only with age, 1-7/8".    #V27847


  STERLING silver hand pin/clip with tiny Persian turquoises in her ring and cuff, marked on the back "925/1000" for sterling, 1-1/2" by 1/2".   View   #N39763  


VICTORIAN vulcanite hand holding rose wreath and sheaf brooch, 2-5/8".   View   #V32363

   VICTORIAN lady wearing a vulcanite hand brooch.  View

HAND BROOCHES    Back view 
Top: hand holding wheat and flowers, probably made of horn, circa 1880, hallmarked on back. View   #V8502
Middle: Width 1-7/8".  #V13204   Bottom: Mother-of-pearl.   #V8500  



DEROSA gold tone hand holding torch fur clip with clear rhinestone accents, circa 1945, 3".   View   #d28488

  TRIFARI gold tone with black enamel, clear rhinestones and artificial pearls hand wearing a ring fur clip, circa 1944, 2-1/3".   View  #T13104 
TRIFARI hand 2-1/4" fur clip circa 1944.  View   View  View   View  #T10982

   HAND holding torch of liberty 3" fur clip, probably unsigned MB Boucher, circa 1940.   View   #Y19518


STARET 4-1/4" hand holding flowers brooch.  This is the same piece seen in Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry", 3rd Ed, page 193.   View  #S19508

    STARET torch brooch, circa 1940.  This is the same piece seen in Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry", 3rd Ed, page 193.  There is also one in Brunialti's "Tribute to America" on page 55.    #S16458

     STARET 3-1/2" hand holding flowers brooch.  This is the same piece seen in Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry", 3rd Ed, page 193.   #S19509


     JOSEFF hand holding a bouquet brooch, 3-3/4".  View   #X23989

LUCITE jelly belly hand holding pink enameled flower brooch with aqua enameled forget-me-not decorated wrist, circa 1945, 4". Shown in Brunialti's Tribute to America on page 139 and in The Best of Bakelite by Battle & Lesser on pages 157-8.    View   View   View   #Y27220

 HAND pin in enameled pot metal with a cabochon sunflower center, 2-5/8".  View   #Y21020


STERLING vermeil hand brooch with red and clear rhinestone bracelet and ring and red enameled finger nails, 2-1/4".  View   View   #Y64926 GOLD TONE hand holding rhinestone flower bouquet brooch, 4-1/8".   View   #Y31216  


   HAND pot metal hand holding red and clear rhinestones brooch, 3-5/8".  View   #Y27748

   HEAD and hand brooch, unsigned 3".   View   #Y27831

  CORO 3-1/4" hand holding bouquet brooch, (hand probably repainted).   View  #C23890


  CORO 1-7/8 inch double pronged clip, lovely hands holding a heart locket. The detail of the rings and bracelets she is wearing is terrific!   View   View     View   #C19104

   CHATELAINE brooch with 2-7/8" umbrella and 2-" hand.   #Y21119  

  CORO hand holding glass perfume bottle brooch, 2-1/8".     #C23925


  CORO 2-1/3" hand pin with rhinestones. #C21113

   HANDS PIN 1-1/4" hands holding a faux pearl with rhinestone accents.   #Y21128

   HAND PINS each 1-5/8", each identical except for colors.
Top   #Y21116
Center  #Y21117
Bottom   #Y21118


   HAND PINS, both holding a faux pearl.
Top is 1-1/2".  #Y21129
Bottom   #Y21122

   HAND PIN holding a faux pearl, 2-1/2".   #Y21122   

  HAND pins, identically shaped 2" hands, but one has a heart perfume charm attached to it.  
Top with perfume  #Y21120
Bottom   #Y21121


HAND PINS, set of 2 with coral-colored plastic flowers, 1-1/2".   #Y21123

HAND PINS all identically formed, all 2-1/8".
Top  #Y21124
Center   #Y21125
Bottom   #Y21126

HAND PIN 2-3/4" silver tone.   #Y21127


   HAND PINS chubby baby hands 1" each.   #Y21135

   NAPIER HAND PIN 1-1/2" gold tone with lacy cuff.  #X21136

Top right silver tone 1-1/4".   #Y21131
Top left with enameled fingernails, 1-3/16".  #Y21132
Middle is a CORO with green rhinestone cuff, 1-1/2".  #Y21133
Bottom holding flowers, CORO 2-1/16".  #Y21134


   CORO hand holding enameled flowers pin.  View #C21166

VFCJ (Vintage Fashion Costume Jewelry) 1997 convention brooch, 2-3/4".   View  #Y19877

CORO silver tone 2" hand pin with flowers.  View 


  SET of two enameled 1-5/8" hand brooches with pink rhinestone cuffs.   #Y21115   CADORO brushed gold tone hand brooch holding heart dangle, 1-1/2".   View   #X24793      



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TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
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