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Victorian to 1930's Cameo Jewelry



What is more classic and timeless than a cameo? Though they pre-date the Victorian era, for the travel-loving Victorians a cameo was a favorite, possibly representing a meaningful souvenir of a Grand European Tour. Both men and women wore cameos set as necklaces, brooch, rings and earrings for women, and watch fobs, rings and stick pins for men. The Victorian fascination with all things historic is demonstrated in the classical Greek profiles and mythological motifs. Reflecting the Victorians love of gardening and nature, floral cameos were also popular. Carved in seashell, ivory, lava, stone, and jet, cameos could be set in precious or non-precious metals, some wealthy patrons even had their own likenesses done.
Although thought of as primarily an Italian art, there were also cameo carvers in America and other countries. Cameos remained popular into the 20th century and were even fashioned using "new" materials of the 30s and 40s, Bakelite and Lucite..


  CAMEO habille of unusually large 2-1/2" size set in white gold filigree. This beautifully carved lady with roses in her hair and on her shoulder also wears a diamond necklace, circa 1900.  View   #U25403

   VICTORIAN Bohemian garnets hinged bangle set with a cameo of George Gordon, Lord Byron (English Romantic poet and personality, 1788-1824). This unusual cameo bracelet is a lovely combination of garnet and shell cameo.   View   View   View   View  View   View   #V29484 

     CAMEO gold tone swivel brooch with a carved sea shell cameo on the front and a memorial hair compartment on the back, circa 1880, 2". The frame in which it is set has a lovely scroll design.  View   #Q28120   


 VICTORIAN double strand of jet beads and an ivory cherub brooch worn by Her Royal Highness, The Princess Louise, Marchioness of Lorne (Louise Caroline Alberta, b. 3-18-1848, d. 12-3-1939). She was the 4th of Queen Victoria's daughters.     VICTORIAN carved ivory curly headed cherub face with wings brooch, 2-3/4". A similar brooch can be seen in a photo of Her Royal Highness, The Princess Louise, Marchioness of Lorne, Queen Victoria's 4th daughter. A similar piece can be seen on page 22 of Bell's "Collecting Victorian Jewelry".     View   View    View  #V29475 PRINCESS Her Royal Highness, The Princess Louise, Marchioness of Lorne (Louise Caroline Alberta, b. 3-18-1848, d. 12-3-1939) wearing a double strand of jet beads and an ivory cherub brooch. She was the 4th of Queen Victoria's daughters. View   View   View   View  #V29475


 CAMEO  habille with tiny pink enameled butterflies on each of the four corners of the 14k white gold filigree frame, three small diamonds on the necklace, circa 1900, 1-7/8" by 1-1/2". The sea shell cameo is a well carved lady with roses in her hair and on her dress.   View   #U14728 

    CAMEO  habille  brooch of a lady with flowers in her hair and on her shoulder with aqua blue enameled butterflies on each side of the14k white gold filigree setting and a diamond necklace, circa 1900, 1-7/8".   View   View  #U23999 

   CAMEO  habille  brooch of a lady with flowers set in 14k white gold filigree with aqua enameled butterflies and a diamond bow necklace, circa 1900.  View   #UAC


  CAMEO 10k yellow gold filigree shell cameo brooch with pendant loop on the back, 2".  View   View   #Q50644

   CAMEO white gold filigree cameo habille with unusually styled diamond necklace and enameled flowers brooch, circa 1920, 1-7/8".   View   View   #Q28563

CAMEO three-quarter profile shell cameo is very deeply carved and the lady's hair is beautifully fashioned of rose blooms.    View   View   #U20324


  CAMEO with lovely lady wearing flowers set in 14k yellow gold with seed pearls surrounding it, circa 1910.   View   View   #U4001

  CAMEO in 14k yellow gold twist setting. The lady has an anchor motif at her shoulder and a star in her hair, circa 1910. My Grandfather bought it for Grandmother Agnes when he was stationed in Italy during WWI.    #Uagnes2

     CAMEO lovely lady wearing flower garland and a strand of pearls, set in 14k yellow gold.  My Grandfather bought it for Grandmother Agnes when he was stationed in Italy during WWI.    #Uagnes1


   THREE GRACES shell cameo. The Greek goddesses Euphrosyne, Aglaia, and and Thalia, representative of gentleness and refinement. This cameo set in 18 karat yellow gold belonged to my husband's grandmother, and was purchased in  Italy during WWII, circa 1940.   View   View      #Ualma

Grandmother Alma wearing her large three graces cameo.   View   #Ualma2

     FLORAL bouquet shell cameo in a 14 karat yellow gold setting.   View   View   #U20323


   Victorian photograph of a young girl wearing an ornate book chain criss-cross necklace with a cameo and a bar pin, circa 1890.  

      VICTORIAN gold filled ornate book chain criss-cross necklace with hard stone cameo, 18" with 2-1/3" front drop, circa 1880. See Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry, Edition 2" page 55.  View   #V27342

VICTORIAN mother and child. The mother wears a vulcanite hair comb, a bar pin and a cameo slide necklace and holds a purse.




     CAMEO style purple glass pate de verre brooch in an intricate and artistic silver 2-1/2" setting, circa 1900. The setting is fashioned so that it cleverly holds the high-relief cameo without prongs.  View  View   View   View    #V19519  

  VICTORIAN purple glass cameo pendant set in gold with black enameling in a Greek Key design.   View   View   #V27565

    CAMEO purple glass cameo brooch with silver twist setting and flowers, leaves and pearl tiara décor in hair, star earrings and a simple necklace, 2".   View   #Q28484


       STERLING and coral cameo lorgnette with an ornate highly embossed floral motif, shallow dent on handle, 5-1/4".   View   View   View   View   #A28049

  CAMEO gold tone 3/4" shell cameo set into a 7-1/2" by 3/4" hinged bangle with etched black motif.   View   View   #Q28030 

     CAMEO brooch of lady with flowers in her hair, circa 1930, 2-1/4".  View   #Q26364


VICTORIAN shell cameo of Diana with her bow and arrows and crescent on headdress set in 14k tested yellow gold setting, 1-1/2" by 1-1/4".   View   #V29873 CAMEO shell cameo of lovely lady with cherubs set in sterling 1-5/8" by 2" brooch with pendant loop and 3/4" fairies on sterling screw back earrings.   View   View   View   View   #Q29838 CAMEO brooch, AMCO maker's mark shell cameo set in 10k yellow gold filled setting with tiny leaves, signed on back of cameo "Heflia?", 1-1/2".   View   #V29898


  CAMEO Victorian cameos 7-1/8" long and 7/8" to 1-1/2" wide bracelet, 1-3/4" by 1-1/4" brooch and 7/8" cameo earrings, 1-5/8" total length.   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   #Q29797 VICTORIAN carte de visite of a lady wearing a large cameo and a long chain, 2-1/2" by 4". "Lawrie & Mitchell, 25 North Bridge, Edinburgh".   View   View   #Vkph31


VICTORIAN large cameo of a Bacchante or Maenad, well carved, stable crack from chin to frame, set in gold oval brooch with safety chain, 2-1/3" by 2".   View   View   #V31375

VICTORIAN shell cameos bracelet set in yellow gold filled hollow links, seven cameos on seven links, 6-1/2" by 1-1/3".   View   View   View   #V32049

VICTORIAN shell cameo of a lady in a landscape set in a gold washed etched and pierced silver brooch which I had professionally converted from a buckle (see back) to a more wearable brooch, 3-1/4" by 3". This is a wonderful dramatic size and frame as well as a lovely scene, a lady posing beside a bridge.   View   #V32050


    VICTORIAN 9ct yellow gold, lava and coral pierced earrings in original box, circa 1860, 3" total length.   View   #V32406        LAVA carved cameo brooch depicting cherubs using early instruments of astronomy to view the stars, a very unusual piece, 2-1/3" by 1-3/4".  View   View   View   View   View   View   View   #Q25929 VICTORIAN coral cameo in gold filled setting sweet little lace brooch, 3/4".   View   #V60624


VICTORIAN lava cameo brooch, an unusual full face lovely Bacchante looking over her shoulder, set in yellow gold with pendant loop on back, beautifully carved, 1-5/8" by 1-1/3".   View   View   #V32045

VICTORIAN lava cameo brooch, lovely lady with leaves in her hair in the unusual full-face style, extremely deeply carved and set in yellow gold, features slightly worn with age, 1-3/4" by 1-1/2". A similar piece can be seen on page 140 of Bell's "Collecting Victorian Jewelry".    View   View   #V32046

VICTORIAN lava cameo brooch, unusual left-facing profile of a Bacchante with grapes in her hair set in a lovely etched silver frame, 2" by 1-3/4". Beautifully and deeply carved.    View   View   #V32047


VICTORIAN unset lava cameo, 1-1/4" by 1-1/8".    #V32321

VICTORIAN unset lava cameo, 1-5/8" by 1-1/4".   #V32322

VICTORIAN unset lava cameo.   #V32321x


    LAVA CAMEO Victorian lava cameo face of a Bacchante bar pin, 10k white and yellow gold filigree, 2".   View   View   View   #V50471

    VICTORIAN lava cameo pendant with face of a Bacchante, 1", shown with coordinating bar pin.   View   View   View    #V50472

   VICTORIAN  lava cameo pendant with lady profile, 1".  View   #V25960


VICTORIAN lava cameo ring size 7-1/8, 3/4" across front.   View   #V32626

  VICTORIAN 14k yellow gold set shell cameo brooch of a house scene, 1-3/4".   View   #Q29662

   CAMEO deeply carved stemmed rose cameo in gold setting.  View   #Q26363   


    ART NOUVEAU 10k yellow gold Edwardian cameo lavaliere, 1-1/2" on a 16" 10k chain.   View   #Q28511 SHELL CAMEO 14k yellow gold cameo pierced earrings, 3/4".   #Q28510  ART NOUVEAU 10k yellow gold 1" cameo with tiny diamond.   View   #Q28512 


   14K yellow gold cameo ring.  View  #G26362

  CAMEO ring with a long oval shape that is so flattering on the finger. This may represent the Greek goddess Luna or Diana, goddess of the moon, often shown with a moon and sometimes, with stars, circa 1910.    View    View #G22928

   CAMEO oval ring with marcasites surround, size 6-3/4.   View  #Q26303  


    VICTORIAN 14k yellow gold black and white hardstone cameo ring, size 8-1/2.   View   #K28039   CORAL 10k yellow gold ring with coral cameo, 1-1/8" by 1/2" front, circa 1900. A ring like this can be seen on page 65 of Romero's Warman's Jewelry, Ed. 3 on page 65.  View   #G50651     VICTORIAN 14k yellow gold hardstone (agate) cameo ring with diamonds at the top and bottom, size 8-1/4.   View   #K28038


   CAMEO Victorian cameo set in gold filled scroll decorated oval with safety chain, 2-1/3".   View   #Q29145

CAMEO Victorian shell cameo stick pin, 7/8" on 3" stick.   View   View   #Q28863   

CAMEO in silver filigree setting brooch, 1-1/2".   View   #Q26225


         GARNET-SURROUNDED CAMEO with the lovely Classic profile. It is 2-1/3” by 2" and set in 14k gold with Bohemian garnets. View   #U12535

   THREE GRACES shell cameo in twisted 14k+ setting, hinged safety catch with safety chain, 2 1/4' by 1-3/4".  #U12534  

   GRECIAN lady cameo in profile set in a 2" by 1-3/4"  gold filled setting.  #U12537


  ZEUS AND EAGLE CAMEO in 14k setting with safety chain. Victorian scroll setting encloses a very high-relief cameo. The shell is extra fine... almost paper thin... and the carving is unusually deep and detailed.   View   #U12533  

 IVORY LADY CAMEO fully carved with a rich old-ivory patina that only comes age. She is a full figured lady in high relief, set in 14k twisted frame, 1 7/8” x 1 ˝”. Bacchanalia motif in her apron full of grapes and her saucy expression.  View   #U12536    

   CZECH cameo necklace and bracelet.  View   View    View    View    View   View    View  # U5625   


   RING 14k yellow gold and carnelian intaglio ring depicting "Justice" holding her scales, an unusual motif, size 8-1/4 it is 3/4" at the widest point on the front.   View   #G31973

VICTORIAN karat gold and intaglio signet ring, size 6-3/4, 1/2" front.    View   #V29841

   CAMEO of pink shell in etched gold setting brooch. Cracked and re-glued across the cameo.  View   #Q29943


 VICTORIAN pink shell cameo in etched gold setting with safety chain, 7/8" by 3/4".   View   View   #V30098    VICTORIAN large and unusual shell cameo of a lady holding a torch set in 10k yellow gold (tested) ring, marked inside "JHW 901 __ core", size 6-1/2.  View   View   #G29636 VICTORIAN shell full-faced lady cameo set in gold filled brooch with safety chain, 1-1/2" by 1-1/4", her nose is worn smooth with age.  View   View   #V32079


jet and vulcanite, 1800's


  VICTORIAN shell cameo set carved jet brooch, circa 1870, 1-5/8".   View   #V28766     VICTORIAN shell cameos set in jet bracelet. Four of the cameos are matching lovely ladies, and the center cameo is a pair of cherubs. A similar bracelet can be seen in Bell's Old Jewelry on page 55.   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   View  #V28825   VICTORIAN Whitby jet and sea shell cameo bracelet with alternating faceted and domed segments strung on elastic, 6" by 1-5/8".   View   View   View   #V31960


VICTORIAN Whitby jet hand carved cameo brooch and earrings matched set in original box, brooch 1-7/8" by 1-1/2", earrings 2-1/8" by 7/8".   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   #V31827

VICTORIAN Whitby jet hand carved cameo brooch and earrings matched set in original box, brooch 1-7/8" by 1-1/2", earrings 2-1/8" by 7/8".   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   #V31827

VICTORIAN Whitby jet hand carved cameo bracelet strung on two strands of hat elastic. The back segments are polished convex rounds, and the front segment is a beautifully carved lady with head dress profile. Relaxed size is 6-3/4" with front cameo panel 1-1/3" wide and back panels graduated from 1" down to 3/4".      View   View   #V31810


VICTORIAN Whitby jet and cameo brooch, 1-7/8" by 1-1/2".   View   #V31295

  VICTORIAN Whitby jet hand carved signed brooch with a pendant loop on the back. Signed jet pieces are a very rare treasure. The subject is the Madonna with "Ecce Ancilla Domini" (The Annunciation) lettered on the front, set in gold tone, 2-1/3". The maker's signature on the back is hard to read, but says something like, ""___ John Harland, jet ornament __ made in Whitby".  View   View   #V29163

  VICTORIAN Whitby jet and pink shell cameo brooch, 2-1/8" by 1-7/8".   View   View   #V29888




    VICTORIAN vulcanite pendant on original chain, fastened with ribbon, 34" total. 4" pendant and chain.   View   #V27204    

      VICTORIAN jet setting with a pink hand carved shell cameo brooch, circa 1870, 1-5/8".   View  View   #V29217

   VICTORIAN vulcanite cameo with twisted surround, 2".  View   #V27208


    VICTORIAN vulcanite pendant hanging pin with lady cameo, 3-1/3".   View   #V27249

    VICTORIAN vulcanite 15" chain with 18" ribbon and 2-5/8" deep relief teardrop shaped cameo pendant, 30".   View   #V27246

     VICTORIAN vulcanite teardrop shaped cameo pendant, 1-1/3".    V27238


 VICTORIAN  vulcanite cameo pendant, 1-1/2".  #V2734    

 VICTORIAN carved jet teardrop shaped cameo pendant, small chips on back that do not show from the front, 2".   View   #V27896

    VICTORIAN jet carved cameo pendant, 2". #V27666


VICTORIAN vulcanite links 20" necklace with 4 pendant 2" lady profile cameos and one central 2-1/2" 3/4 profile cameo, see Muller's book "Jet", page 126.  View   View   View   View   #V29237 VICTORIAN Whitby hand carved jet cameo brooch, 1-7/8" by 1-1/2".   View   View   #V31553    VICTORIAN vulcanite chain with celluloid cameo pendant, chain is 19" with 5/8" by 1/2" links and 2-1/2".   View   View   #V31856


VICTORIAN jet and shell carved cameo brooch with Greek key design edge, 2" by 1-3/4".   View   #V29821

  VICTORIAN jet hand carved cameo tie pin, helmeted warrior, 1" by 3/4" head on a 2-3/4" stick.   View   View   #V29905

VICTORIAN jet and cameo pendant, 1-3/4" by 1-1/8" total.    View   #V29851


     VICTORIAN vulcanite high relief lady profile cameo pin gold metal surround, 2".   View   #V27235  



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