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Tatting Shuttles


TATTING is a form of hand made lace. Usually done with the aid of a shuttle or needle, it can also be done with just a spool of thread. Tatting, like most lace, is a series of knots that form patterns and shapes. Doilies, baby caps, edgings, place mats, purses and novelties can all be fashioned by tatting.
TATTING as a craft goes back hundreds of years, but like many crafts, it's popularity has peaked and waned over the years. In 1760, the famous artist Sir Joshua Reynolds painted "Portrait of Anne, Countess of Albemarle", and she is shown holding her tatting shuttle and ball of string. In the mid-1800's, it became extremely popular along with the many other Victorian ladies handcrafts, and patterns and ideas for tatting were published in the hand crafts magazines of the time.

   TATTING handbook from around the 1920's. Tatting goes many centuries back in history, and has been done using many styles of shuttles and needles.


   TATTING instructions.
   Tatting is not difficult but many find it easier to learn from another tatter than from illustrations in a book.


   TATTING shuttle of hand hammered sterling, 2-5/8". It is marked "sterling" on one side.   #a25388

TATTING shuttle of sterling with gothic face design, marked "sterling", 2-5/8" by 1".  #a35973

      TATTING shuttle in sterling with dogwood motif, 2-1/2".  #a25390


    TATTING shuttle of sterling with Greek key edge design, 2-1/4" by 1/2".  #a35974

   TATTING shuttle of sterling engraved with the initial "M" and marked "N&H sterling", 2-1/2" by 5/8".    #tat25

   TATTING shuttle of sterling with a scrolling and leafy design.   #tat26


 TATTED hanky in frame under glass.   #a570

    TATTED edge linen wedding hanky in black contemporary frame. VICTORIAN lady who carried the hanky with the tatted edge at her wedding; Janet A. MacQUIRE who carried the hanky at her wedding in 1881; Mae Menn Ostrander carried it at her wedding in November 1910; Jean Ostrander Davis, wedding June 1935; Valerie Davis Larsen December carried it in 1955.   View   Back    View   View   #a570

List of brides on the back of the framed hanky.   #a570


TATTING shuttle of sterling engraved with flowers and the initials "BJA", 2-5/8".     #a25391  

TATTING Instructions for "tatted novelties".

   TATTING  shuttle of sterling with engraved design.   #tat22


   TATTING shuttle made of sterling with mother-of-pearl with etched design, the initials "JD" and a sterling back, 2-1/2".    #a29389

     TATTING shuttle of abalone and mother-of-pearl with two rings of tatting attached, shuttle is 2-1/2" by 5/8". The shuttle is abalone on one side and mother-of-pearl on the other.   #a35966

   TATTING shuttle of mother-of-pearl, 2-5/8" by 3/4".  #a35967


     TATTING shuttle of ivory carved with an oriental scene, probably early 19th century Canton Chinese. See one in Taunton's "Antique Needlework Tools" page 84.   #tat28

   TATTED purse with a drawstring top, 8" by 8". This took hours of work, like so many of the vintage hand crafts, and was probably done circa 1900.  View   #P23865  TATTING instructions for a handbag. This pattern has a row of glass beads worked into the design along the top of the bag. 

   TATTING shuttle of ivory carved with a design of birds, butterflies and vines. See one in Taunton's "Antique Needlework Tools" page 84.   #a35968 


    TATTING shuttle in mother-of-pearl with wonderful coloring, 2-3/4" by 7/8".   #a35971

    TATTING shuttle of abalone in a rainbow of  tans, lavenders and pinks, 3" by 3/4".   #a35970

    TATTING shuttle of mother-of-pearl, 2-3/4" by 3/4".   #a35972


   TATTING shuttle of abalone in blues, lavenders and greens, 3" by 3/4".   #a35970

   TATTING shuttles made of sea shell.

TATTING shuttle made of seashell in contrasting colors, 3" by 1".  #a35969 


   TATTING shuttle of hand hammered sterling engraved with teh initial "K".   #tat9

   TATTING shuttle of sterling with a mistletoe and ribbon motif engraved with the initial "S", 2-7/8".    #a25387

  TATTING shuttle of sterling with daisies.    #tat16


   TATTING shuttle of hand hammered sterling, 2-1/2".    #a25395

  TATTING instruction for edgings and borders to be used on household linens and clothing.

    TATTING shuttle of sterling engraved "Nora 1-13-16".   #tat19     


  TATTING  "BOBOLINK Le" patented June 22-15 shuttle of silver metal. My husband bought this for me on Valentine's Day many years ago. We did not discover the heart-shaped fitting inside until after we got it home. What a coincidence that was!  Bobolink made other shuttles as well. #tat4

TATTING instructions for a centerpiece.

   TATTING shuttle in silver metal made by Boye.   #tat5


     TATTING shuttle made by C.D. Fischer Mfg. Co. This one comes with it's own handle for winding thread onto the shuttle, patent number 1,260,278 in 1918.  #tat32
Patent for similar shuttle and winder HERE.

   TATTING shuttle and winder, closer view.

    TATTING shuttle from the 1950's. This is one many of today's tatters learned on, and is easy to use as the spool turns smoothly it has the convenient end hook.   #tat29


   TATTING shuttle of brass engraved with "Ola", 2-7/8" by 5/8". This has been used and has finish wear to show it, but with such an unusual name, it is fun to own anyway.   #a35976 

   WEBSTER & Co tatting shuttle of sterling with lavender enameling, 2-3/4" by 5/8". As you can see in the picture, there are marks in the lavender part, but they are under the glass and not cracked through it.   #a35977

   TATTING shuttles in three sizes.   #tat31


      TATTED blue and white edging and insert on a pillow case set.

   TATTED window fringe.

   TATTED edgings show the difference in size thread thickness makes.


TATTED edge and insert on a net bordered hanky.

   TATTED edge on an embroidered yellow hand towel.

   TATTED edge on a pastel embroidered hand towel.



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TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
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