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Native American Jewelry &
1950's Southwestern Tourist Jewelry


NAVAJO sterling and turquoise squash blossom necklace 24" wearable length with an additional 3-1/4" by 4" Naja, all strung on foxtail, circa 1960.   View   View   View   #N34247 NAVAJO sterling and turquoise concho belt sighed on buckle back "Spencer, sterling", each concho 1-1/2" by 2", 11 conchos plus the buckle, leather is 46" long.   View   View   View   #N34246 NAVAJO 1970's Blue Gem turquoise and sterling squash blossom necklace and earrings, necklace 25" with the naja 3" by 3-1/4", weight about 6.5 ounces, clip earrings 5/8". The Blue Gem mine in Nevada is no longer active, but almost all colors of turquoise came from it, from blues to greens.   View   View   View   View   View    View  #N37065  


JERRY NELSON mosaic turquoise inlay sterling cuff bracelet, signed with a copyright mark, sterling and Jerry T. Nelson on the inside, 6-1/2" wearable size with a 1-1/4" back opening, 1-1/4" wide.   View   View   View   #N37075 JERRY T. NELSON turquoise and sterling belt buckle concho belt set, signed "Jerry T. Nelson sterling" on the back.   View   View   View   #N37128 JERRY T NELSON Navajo Native American Kingman turquoise, coral and sugilite inlay bracelet, marked "Jerry T. Nelson sterling" with a copyright symbol on the back, 6-5/8" wearable size, 1-1/4" front width, 1" wide at the front and 5/8" wide at the back, weight 1.62 ounces. Kingman turquoise is from Arizona, and it is one of my favorites for it interesting matrix and lovely color.   View   View   View  View  #N37058


HERMAN VANDERER Border turquoise and sterling custom made buckle made by Herman Vanderer in March of 2016. The matrix is so lovely, as is the sterling work it is set in.   View   #N39236 NATIVE AMERICAN squash blossom necklace with an "ED" maker's mark, sterling and Kingman turquoise with amazing workmanship, real bear claws and hand made beads. It is a wearable length of 29" and the front element is 3-1/8". Spectacular! Be sure to notice all the masterful detail in this necklace.  View   View   View  #N39744 NATIVE AMERICAN David Tune, Zuni (?) watch bracelet in 14k gold and sterling, owner's Father's pride and joy, Kingman turquoise and made in about 1980.  View   View   View   View   #N38398


ROSALIE & AUGUSTINE PINTO Native American Zuni Kachina inlay pin or pendant with hand made chain, tortoise with inlaid turquoise, mother-of-pearl, jet and coral, pendant 3" by 1-3/4", chain 24". Both Augustine and Rosalie Pinto are no longer living. They worked together and signed their work "A.R.P., as this is signed, and they specialized in raised mosaic inlay work. Their daughter Beverly Etsate is also a well known jewelry maker.  View   View   View   View  #N37066 LEONARD MALONEY Navajo sterling ranger buckle marked on the back "Maloney sterling", 5-1/3" total length.   View   View  #N37067


CHARLEY Native American sterling and turquoise necklace signed "F&D Charley 6-20-75", 24" with 3-1/2" pendant.   View   View   #N62078



NAVAJO Native American Morenci turquoise and sterling three stone bracelet, a heavy weight at 4.57 ounces total weight, 6-7/8" wearable size and slightly adjustable, 1-1/8" back opening, 1-1/2" wide at front and 1" wide at back. Morenci turquoise is popular for it's blue colors.   View   View  View  #N37057  JERRY NELSON sterling and pink mother-of-pearl bracelet, signed "J. Nelson sterling" on the inside, 6" wearable size and 1" wide.  View   View   View   #N37074 NATIVE AMERICAN signed sterling and Kingman turquoise belt buckle marked "AF sterling" on the back, 3-1/4" by 2-1/2". The matrix in this is absolutely gorgeous.  View   View   #N37886


NATIVE AMERICAN Hurbert Yowytewa Hopi sterling overlay bracelet. This is and weighs about 1.47 ounces. He worked from about the 1960s through his death in 1991. His mark can be seen in the Billie Hougart's wonderful book "Southwest Silver Marks" on page 387, where it says he specialized in overlay work. His mark is joined by the Hopi Guild mark.  View   View   #N38279 PA marked SET of a sterling rippled cuff bracelet, ring and earrings. The bracelet is 7" by 1-1/2" including the back opening of 1-1/3" and the width is 1-1/2", and it weighs 2.61 oounces. The ring is 9-3/4 and weighs .36 ounces, and pierced earrings that are 1" by 1" and weigh .59 ounces. I am not sure who the mark is for, but perhaps it is a Phyllis A Smith, Navajo jeweler.  View   #X39903 D marked sterling and turquoise earrings for pierced ears, marked "D sterling", weight .43, 1" by 3/4". This has a beautiful pierced setting to highlight the wonderful matrix in the turquoise.   View   #N39907   


PATRICIA PLATERO Navajo Native American Emerald Green Valley turquoise and sterling bracelet, signed "PP sterling" on the back, wearable size 6-5/8", front width 1-1/2", weight 1.04. Emerald Green Valley turquoise is from a Nevada mine.   View   View   View   View   #N37063 GENEVA RAMONE Navajo King's Manassa turquoise and sterling bracelet, signed on the back "G. Ramone sterling", wearable size 6-5/8" and 1-1/4" wide at the front, weight 1.31. King Manassa turquoise comes from a Colorado mine and it known for it's green's, but turquoise from this mine also came in blues and blue-greens.   View   View   View   View   #N37064 NAVAJO Native American China Mountain turquoise and sterling bracelet, marked "TC sterling" on the back, 6-5/8" wearable size with a 1-1/8" back opening, 1-5/8" at the front, weight 1.85 ounces.   View   View   View  View   #N37062


NECKLACE Award winning Native American jewelry maker Herman Vanderer sterling and Royston turquoise pendant and collar, signed on the back of the pendant, 1-3/4" by 1-1/8" with a sterling collar at 16-1/2" wearable including the 2-3/4" opening, pendant alone .82 ounces.   View   View   View   #N37242  NAVAJO Edison Gruber sterling and Gaspeite bracelet, Navajo Native American, signed "EG sterling" on the back, nice and heavy at about 3.91 ounces, 7-1/3" wearable size including the 1-1/2" back opening, 2" wide at the front. This is in excellent condition and has such a wonderful matrix in the Gaspeite stone.  View   View   View   View   #N37243 NAVAJO by H. Begaye sterling and Kingman turquoise pendant with beautiful matrix, marked on the back "H. Begaye" in a feather, 2-5/8" by 1-1/8" not including the bail, about .94 ounces. The sterling silver hand made chain is 23-1/2" by 1/8" and about .62 ounces   View   View   #N37244 



SUNSHINE REEVES Lone Mountain turquoise and sterling Navajo bracelet, 6-1/3" including the 1" back opening and 1" wide; total weight 52 grams.  View   View   View   View   #N37800 

NATIVE American silver cuff bracelet with a coral center stone, corn and sun motifs and roping detail, circa 1930-40s. This is a wearable size of 6-5/8" including the 1-1/4" opening, and the total weight is about 71 grams or 2.53 ounces. It is not signed and that is typical of this era.  View   View   View   View   #N37775

PETRIFIED wood bracelet, 6-3/4" wearable size including the 1-3/4" opening, 2" wide at the front; total weight 48 grams. Circa 1950's, it has applied wirework and scallop detailing. It has no marks but it tests as sterling.   View   View   View   #N37795


 TIM YAZZIE Navajo sterling overlay bracelet with a parrot design, marked with Yazzie's logo and "sterling" on the back, 7" wearable size, 1-1/8" back opening, 1-1/4" wide, weight 2.47 ounces.    View   View   View   #N37059  NAVAJO sterling and Pilot Mountain turquoise bracelet, turquoise source is near Tonapah Nevada, 1970s, no signature, 7" including the 1" back opening, weight 1.93 ounces.   View   View  #N37240 NAVAJO Native American sterling wide stamped bracelet, marker mark on the back, 7-1/4" wearable size and 1-5/8" wide, weight 2.66 ounces.   View   View   #N37061


 FRED HARVEY era sterling and turquoise bracelet circa 1950s, thunderbird and arrows motif, wearable size 6-5/8", 1-1/3" wide at the front and /8" wide at the back, weighs .88 ounces.  View   View   #N37350    DRAGON'S BREATH Fred Harvey sterling bracelet circa 1950 with 5 colorful cabochons. The designs include lightening, Thunder bird, bear paw and sunrise. This is marked "sterling" on the back, and the wearable size is 6" including the 3/4" back opening..  View   View   #N35714 ZUNI bracelet by Sylvester Nache with sterling and inlaid turquoise, jet, coral and oyster, marked "Zuni sterling" inside, 6-1/2" wearable including the 1-1/4" opening, .81 ounces.   View   View   View   #N37241




DRAGON'S BREATH Fred Harvey era sterling and dragon's breath glass cabochon bracelet circa 1950, with the Maisel's kachina mark. "Dragon's breath" is glass cabochon that is specially treated to give it this particular coloring and rainbow effect, which is a big favorite of mine. I remember seeing pieces like this as a child around the southwest, in the 1950's. The cabochon is set in a twisted wire surround with a beaded design on both sides and crossed arrows beside that. On the sides are the motifs of the flat shouldered Thunderbird and raining clouds. On the back is a Kachina maker's mark used by Maisel's as well as the word, "sterling". The is very slight scratching on a small part of the cabochon stone, not visible except with a raking light and a magnifier. Wearable size 6-1/3" which includes the 1-1/8" back opening, about 1" wide at the front and weighs about 24 grams or about .86 ounces. If you have an interest in jewelry from the Fred Harvey railroad era, we recommend the book, "Fred Harvey Jewelry 1900-1955" by Dennis June.   View   View   View    #N37640

DRAGON'S BREATH Fred Harvey era sterling silver bracelet with three Dragon's Breath stones set in twisted wire and beaded settings and marked "sterling" on the back. "Dragon's breath" is glass cabochon that is specially treated to give it this particular coloring and rainbow effect, which is a big favorite of mine. I remember seeing pieces like this as a child growing up in the southwest in the 1950's. This is 6-1/4" wearable size including the 1" opening and it is slightly adjustable. It is 1-1/4" wide at the front and weighs about .94 ounces. It has the crossed arrows,  lightening, thunder and bear paw designs on the sides and is marked inside "sterling" with beading around each stone, circa 1950. This weighs a total of  26 grams. If you have an interest in jewelry from the Fred Harvey railroad era, we recommend the book, "Fred Harvey Jewelry 1900-1955" by Dennis June.  View   View   View   View   #N37771

DRAGON'S BREATH Fred Harvey era sterling and glass cabochon bracelet, circa 1950, 6-7/8" wearable size including the 1" opening and slightly adjustable, 1 inch across the front, and it weighs about .77 ounces. "Dragon's breath", a glass cabochon that is specially treated to give it this particular coloring and rainbow effect, which is a big favorite of mine. I remember seeing pieces like this as a child growing up in the southwest in the 1950's. This bracelet has a Thunderbird  the crossed arrows design on each side. This bracelet has no marks but tests as sterling. If you have an interest in jewelry from the Fred Harvey and railroad era, we recommend the book, "Fred Harvey Jewelry 1900-1955" by Dennis June.   View   View  #N38094





FRED HARVEY style dragon's breath art glass cabochon cut stone set in sterling rectangular ring size 8 and 3/4" by 1/2" across the top stone, total weight 7 grams. It has the punched and arrow motifs on the sides and is marked "sterling' on the inside.      View   View  View   #N37885

Two together   View 
Three together  View

FRED HARVEY sterling and Dragon's breath art glass cabochon bracelet with crossed arrow symbols beside the cabochon and symbols for lightening, thunderbird, bear paw and sunshine on each side, marked "sterling" on the inside, 6-1/3" wearable size including the 1-1/8" opening and 1" wide at the front; total weight is 18.4 grams. Circa 1950s.   View   View   #N37796 



RING Jerry T. Nelson Navajo Native American sterling and gasphite ring, size 8 and lays 1-1/3" along the finger. The channel work work is clean and sophisticated and is reflected in pierced edge design of the setting. Nelson is a contemporary jewelry maker.    View   View   #N33816

NATIVE AMERICAN Angie Crespin necklace of turquoise and spiny oyster shell with sterling fittings, a lush necklace with four strands and 29" long. Crespin is a contemporary Santo Domingo Pueblo jewelry maker.   View   #N33817

SILVER Fred Harvey style silver and turquoise tourist bracelet, adjustable at 6-1/2" inside, 1" at front and 1/3" at back, circa 1940.   View   View   #N31922


ERVIN NAKAI  Navajo sterling concho belt with green malachite cabochon centers, 11 conchos and a buckle. The belt is about 42" long and 1" wide; the buckle is 2-1/3" by 2"; and each concho is 2" by 1/2". The maker's mark identification was found in Billie Hougart's wonderful book "Southwest Silver Marks" page 238, circa 1970s. Nakai lives in Red Mesa, Arizona. Ervin Nakai aka Kinlicheenie Yazhe born in 1949, Red House clan of the Navajo Tribe in Red Valley, Arizona.  View   #N66202 NATIVE AMERICAN AF sterling and Kingman turquoise concho belt marked "AF sterling", Adam Fiero, Apache. Kingman has always been one of my favorite turquoises and this example explains why, with the wonderful matrix and coloring. The belt is about 48" long and 1-1/2" wide; the buckle is 2" by 3", and the 9 conchos are each slightly over 2" by 2".   View   View   View   View   View   View   #N37887 JERRY T. NELSON turquoise and sterling belt buckle concho belt set, signed "Jerry T. Nelson sterling" on the back. The belt is 46" by 1", the buckle is 3" by 2", and the 7 conchos are 2-5/8" by 2".    View   View   View   #N37128



   RING EW Ernest Wood Navajo Native American ring with turquoise set in dog tooth gilt sterling settings, lovely crafted leaves and scrolls, size 8 and 1-5/8" along the finger. There is a small mark on the back where the ring was sized at some time in the past.  View   View   View   View   #N37870 SANTO DOMINGO Pueblo, New Mexico, Depression era Thunderbird necklace with 16 stylized blossoms, circa 1930's. It is 23" long with a 2-1/2" by 2-1/3" Thunderbird pendant. Strung on the original string, it has inlaid mosaic-style turquoise and bone chips on a black backing, possible from an old battery casing. It is in very good vintage condition and guaranteed authentic in every way.  View   View   View   View   View   #N40030 NATIVE AMERICAN sterling storyteller bracelet with overlay gold areas and laminated turquoise, coral and ebony sides. The wearable size is 6-1/2" including the 1" back opening and 1/2" wide. The mark is "12gf sterling" and the maker's mark, a zigzag arrow. This hunting scene includes images of bear, elk, drying screens and a teepee along with trees and mountains all in gold overlay.   View   View   View    #N37766


STERLING with 14k yellow gold overlay native American motif bracelet with agate, illegible hallmark, nice hefty weight, 6-5/8" around the inside, 1-1/8" opening and 3/4" wide .   View   View   #N32915 PPJ ZUNI Mudhead inlay bracelet with tortoise, coral, turquoise and mother-of-pearl, wearable size 6-1/2" and slightly adjustable, circa 1970's, 2-7/8" by 2-1/4" front.   View   View   View   #N35601  STERLING inlaid c-shaped bracelet with turquoise, coral and mother-of-pearl, wearable size a smaller 6-3/4", 5/8" wide at one end and 1/2" at the other, heavy and well made.    View   View   #N35603


  NATIVE American sterling silver hand made chain, 23-1/2" by 1/8", no marks .62 ounces.  #N37236   


LD Native American sterling and Kingman turquoise bracelet, weight 1.69 ounces, 6-1/2" including the 1-1/8" opening at the back, excellent condition.   View   View   View  #N39902  NAKAI Navajo sterling ring with coral, amethyst, Gaspeite and turquoise stones, size 8-1/2, .44 ounces, 1" by 3/4" along the finger.   View   View   #N39920 LMC Navajo signed sterling and turquoise bracelet, 6-5/8" including the 1-1/4" back opening, weighs 1.84 ounces. The single turquoise stone has a beautiful matrix and color. The "LMC" mark is for Ida McCray, a Navajo jewelry maker.  View   View   View  #N39906


FEENEY Leo Feeney sterling cross of coral, faceted garnets and citrine, 3-1/4" by 2" with a 5/8" lop and a 23" sterling beads necklace.   View   #N39768 NAVAJO Herman Vanderer sterling silver neck ring, perfect to wear with or without a slide-on pendant. It is 13" long with a 2-1/2" opening, so the wearable size is 15-1/2". It is about 1/4" wide, and it weighs just under an ounce. It is not signed by Herman, who is an award-winning Native American jewelry maker, but it was purchased directly from him.    #N37239 NJ Nila Cook Johnson Navajo sterling and white Drusy ring size 9-1/8, weight .41 ounces, top 1" by 3/4". I was so surprised to see this mark, and I see that it is attributed to Cook Johnson on line.  View   View   #N39923


STERLING ring with turquoise, amethyst and malachite, size is adjustable as it overlaps on the back, top is 1-1/3" by 1-1/8".   #N39783 TURQUOISE bracelet in a larger size with four rows of turquoise, 7-5/8" wearable size including the 1-1/2" back opening and it is 1-5/8" wide, no signature or marks.  View   View   View  #N39746 TURQUOISE ring set in silver.   #N39784


SUNSHINE REEVES sterling and turquoise ring size 8-1/2 and 7/8" along the finger and weighs .49 ounces.  View   View   View  #N37785 STERLING silver ring with a bear claw motif, size 7-3/4 and lays 1-1/2" along the finger and weighs about 1.11 ounces. While we do not recognize the maker's mark, we do think this is a Native American ring.  It's a substantial ring of high quality, and be sure to look at all the photos because it is as interesting from the sides as from the front.  View   View   View   View   #N39787  REW DINEH Navajo, Native American sterling and turquoise pendant with the sunshine mark, .90 ounces, 2" by 1-1/3" pendant with a 1/3" loop. It has a gorgeously matrix in the turquoise and a lovely blue color.  View   View   #N39912


STERLING Tommy Singer sterling and turquoise bolo tie, Navajo, Sleeping Beauty or Kingman.   View   #N37889 STERLING Buckle with YeiBiChi designs inlaid using turquoise and coral, 3-1/2" by 2" takes a 1-1/2" belt. Often called "Yeis", these are mythical and supernatural beings that communicate between the people and their gods. These figures are often seen in blankets as well.   View  #39867 STERLING concho belt with turquoise on each link, Native American.   #N39745


SANTO DOMINGO Pueblo Native American bracelet, sterling and turquoise, 6-1/2" wearable by 1-1/2" wide.   View   View   #N37191 Native American Navajo sterling and Nevada Blue turquoise necklace, circa 1960, all hand made, 16-5/8" wearable length with a 1-1/2" front drop.  View   View   View   #N37150  SANTO DOMINGO Pueblo Native American dragonfly bracelet, sterling, turquoise and spiny oyster, by Tina's brother, wearable 7" and somewhat adjustable, 4-3/4" along the arm, . View  #N37192 


   STERLING Native American turquoise cuff bracelet circa 1980s, wearable 6" including the 1" opening and 1-1/4 wide at the front; total weight about  28 grams.  View   View   #N37804

EBW Evans Bryant Waatas Zuni sterling and turquoise needlepoint links bracelet with box catch, 7" by 1". This bracelet was made circa 1985, and Waatas died in 2011.  View   View   View   #N37801

TURQUOISE and sterling Native American ring, size 4-3/4 and 1-1/4" along the finger. The stone has a nice matrix and the setting is a double row of worked sterling.   View   View   #N37803


SM sterling inlaid pale blue denim lapis sterling feather brooch with a loop on the back so that it can also be worn as a pendant, 3". I do now know who the maker "SM" is.  View   #N38233 SC sterling and turquoise pendant with a wonderful 3-D applied leaf on the back, marked on the loop "SC", 2" by 1" tip to bottom. I do not know who the maker "SC" is.    View   #N38232 SM sterling feather brooch with inlaid turquoise, jet, lapis and other stones and a loop on the back so that it can also be worn as a pendant, 3". I do now know who the "SM" maker is.   View   #N38234


STERLING sterling earrings in contemporary clouds, cross and pueblo design, pierced earrings, 2-1/8" by 1-5/8". There is a signature on the back but I cannot read it at all.   View   View   View   #N35600 STERLING agate and sterling ring marked "MD 925", size 7 and 1" along the finger.   View   #N35597 YELLOWHORSE Alvin Yellowhorse Navajo sterling pendant with feather and buffalo head and channel inlaid turquoise, lapis and coral, total length 5".   View   View   View   #N35598


  TURQUOISE child's ring, New Mexico circa 1956.   #Gtq  FRED HARVEY style silver and turquoise 1-1/3.   #N26211 LYNOL WHITEHORSE sterling with inlaid mosaic stones, Native American d. 2003, pierced earrings 1-1/2" by 1-1/4".   View   View    #N60877


SILVER turquoise and coral necklace, wire strung hand made beads, 18" length 2-1/2" front drop.   View   #N62495   STERLING southwestern tourist charm bracelet, 7-1/2" by 1".   #N26208 TURQUOISE beads and pendant necklace signed on the clasp "FDC", 21" length and 2-1/8" pendant.    View   #N62494


YAZZIE Navajo Native American sterling watch cuff bracelet with turquoise and coral, signed inside "J. Yazzie", 6-3/4" around the inside including the 1-3/4" back opening and it weighs 1.46ounces. It is a beautiful example of Native American jewelry.   View   View   View   View    #N39637 RING Zuni Native American sterling and lapis ring by D. Charlie, size 8.   View   #N34343 NAVAJO jet fetishes with turquoise and coral life lines, sizes from 4-1/2" to 2".




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