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Welcome to the beauty, history and art that is vintage jewelry. We buy and sell vintage rhinestone, costume, designer, bakelite and antique Georgian & Victorian jewelry, purses and accessories.
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~ JELLY BELLY Jewelry~

    "JELLY BELLY" jewelry 
Named for their clear transparent Lucite bellies, "Jelly bellies" can be both beautiful and whimsical. Most were made in the 1940's, although some continued to be fashioned into the early 1960's. Collector's usually agree that in order to qualify as a true "jelly belly", the belly portion must be made of Lucite, not glass, and must be clear and not colored. The most coveted pieces are the larger pieces with Lucite set in sterling vermeil (gold washed sterling) and the larger figurals.


  GAZELLE sterling vermeil Lucite jelly belly gazelle brooch, 4". It is pictured in "Fun Jewelry" page 84 and on page 184 of Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry". Circa 1941.  View   #Y26792


  LUCITE jelly belly hand holding pink enameled flower brooch with aqua enameled forget-me-not decorated wrist, circa 1945, 4". Shown in Brunialti's Tribute to America on page 139, in Carole Tanenbaum's "Fabulous Fakes" on pages 74 and 92, and in The Best of Bakelite by Battle & Lesser on pages 157-8, and in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry, Art & Industry" on page 214.    View   View   View   #Y27220    

   TRIFARI sterling vermeil jelly belly frog pin with green cabochon eyes, marked pat#135172 circa 1943, 2-3/4". Shown in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry" on page 149.     View   #T26076



FRED BLOCK jelly belly snowman brooch with ceramic face circa 1945, 3-1/8". It is marked on the back "Fred Block Jewelry". Block was a Chicago ready-to-wear maker. It is thought that his line of jewelry was made, at least in part, by the Sandor Goldberg Company of New York, hence you will see this same piece marked "Sandor" as well. The Sandor piece, along with this information, can be seen in Brunalti's "Tribute to American Costume Jewelry" on page 141-2.   View   View   View   #X35955 TRIFARI jelly belly hour glass brooch with clear rhinestones and artificial pearls, marked "Trifari, pat pend", 1-3/4" pat 153,500, circa 1949.   View   #T33643 


TRIFARI jelly belly sterling swan brooch with Lucite belly, clear rhinestones and pink glass cabochon eyes all set in silver tone, 2-1/2". Designed in 1944 by Norman Bel Geddes for Trifari, it can be seen in Brunalti's "American Costume Jewelry: Art & Industry 1935-1980, Volume 2" on page 176. As you can see there, this was originally a fur clip (two-pronged), but like the one in the book, this has been professionally converted into a brooch. Because of the conversion, the Trifari and sterling marks are no longer here. It also looks like the one in patent number 129,164 from 1941.  View    #Y35951


   STARFISH sterling vermeil Lucite jelly belly brooch circa 1940, 3-5/8". This is so beautiful in it's simplicity.   View   View   #Y27835


FRED BLOCK Lucite jelly belly flower trembler brooch. This extraordinary piece is one of the most rare jelly belly pieces ever made. A similar Fred A. Block pin is featured in the Brunialti's book "American Costume Jewelry" on page 177. A good friend of mine owned that piece several years ago, but neither of us has ever seen this style with the trembling parts before. This has five open backed blue rhinestones petals each set on it's own spring to impart wonderful movement and each with a calyx of clear rhinestones set in silver tone metal. Bezel set center rhinestones in pink are set with six prongs cups and set on wires. The eight carved Lucite jelly belly leafy petals are held in place with gold tone metal veins. Other than some light wear on the gold tone finish this is in excellent condition, amazing for it's age. It is beautifully crafted, wonderfully dimensional and one of the best jelly belly pieces I have ever seen. It is 3-1/2" by 3-1/2".   View   View   View   View   #X37811  


JELLY BELLY brooch of a Lucite leaf with green and red enameled lizard, 3-3/4".   View   View   #Y36101






   JOLLE sterling vermeil fly brooch with a very pale green Lucite jelly belly, topaz colored rhinestones, similar to a jelly belly brooch, circa 1940, 3" by 2-3/4". View #X37012 JOLLE jelly belly bird brooch with heart shaped wings and holding an arrow, all set in sterling with deep rosy pink rhinestones, marked "Jolle sterling" on the back, circa 1945, 2-1/8". I love jellies and this is one I hadn't seen before.   View   #X36463  JOLLE jelly belly insect pin as is, marked on the back "Jolle sterling", carved Lucite belly and tint colored rhinestones, 2-1/2" by 2".   View   #X37747  


JELLY belly lady face jelly belly brooch, green rhinestone in the turban she is wearing, 2-3/4" by 1-1/3". The face it made of Lucite and the headdress is silver tone.   View   View   #Y38593

JELLY belly fish brooch with a Lucite body, 2" by 1-1/2".  View   #Y38596 

CORO jelly belly large double flower brooch with Lucite flowers and set among gold tone eaves with clear rhinestone veins, finish as is with very light wear. As with many good jewelry pieces, these flowers held on in the back by screws, and the entire brooch is 4" by 2-1/2". Another similar brooch by Coro can be seen in Deanna Cera's wonderful book, "Jewels of Fantasy" on page 178, and she dates it circa 1940.  View   View   #C38690


     FISH silver and jelly belly 3-3/4" dolphin brooch, circa 1941.  Shown in Brunialti's "Tribute to America" on page 133.   View   #Y26031

     JELLY BELLY double flower brooch with clear rhinestone accents, green enameled touches, 4-1/2", circa 1942. Shown in Brunialti's "Tribute to America" on page 139.   View   View   #Y26065

    FISH jelly belly fish pin with clear rhinestone accents, 1-7/8".   View   #Y24199


JELLY BELLY deer brooch with a Lucite belly set in sterling, marked "sterling" on the back,   A brooch like this one can be seen in Brunialti's book, "American Costume Jewelry, Art & Industry, M-Z" on page 224. This piece can be seen in the book, "Warman's Costume Jewelry" by Pam Wiggins, 2014 Edition on page 45.   View   #Y38804 FRENCH Lucite jelly belly double leaf brooch with Lucite leaves and gold tone metal veins, marked on the back of the stem, "Made in France", 2-1/2" by 2-1/4".  View   #Q38761 JELLY BELLY sterling and Lucite llama fur clip, marked "sterling" on the clip, 3" by 1-3/4".   View   #Y38787 


   TRIFARI stylized Lucite bird's head "jelly belly" brooch with red cabochons.  View  #T22506   JELLY BELLY Lucite molded horse head jelly belly, 2-1/2".   View   #Y24788   SILVER hatching duck in egg jelly belly brooch with Lucite body set in silver tone with a red rhinestone eye, 1-7/8". This is a real charmer!    View   #Y36461




JELLY  BELLY flower brooch set in gold plated sterling, circa 1940, 3". This can be seen in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry, N-Z" on page 214.   View    #Y36259

TRIFARI jelly belly earrings, 7/8".  View   #T12759

TRIFARI sterling vermeil chick and egg jelly belly brooch with clear and red rhinestones, marked "Trifari, Des. Pat. No.135176, sterling", 2".   View   #T63383


      CORO fox jelly belly shown in ad at right. Shown in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry" on page 173.  Patented 141,468 dated 1945.

CORO 1945 ad showing "jellly bellies".

   TRIFARI jelly belly sailboat brooch, a realistic boat with Lucite sail set in sterling vermeil. Signed "Trifari Sterling" 2-1/4".   


  JELLY sterling vermeil jelly belly doxy 2".    View   #Y23555  

 NORMA sterling vermeil jelly belly rabbit pin, 2-1/4", circa 1945.   View   #Y23081

   NORMA sterling vermeil jelly belly duck pin, 2", circa 1945.  View   #Y23052


 TRIFARI "Chanticleer" rooster jelly belly brooch, an Alfred Philippe design circa 1944. Shown in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry" on page 157.    View  #T13924

   TRIFARI "Moonshell" sea shell jelly belly set in original box, 1944.  View  View 1949 Ad  #T20815  

   TRIFARI heron brooch with "jelly belly", 1943. Shown in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry" on page 150.   View   View  #T20912


    TRIFARI sterling vermeil, Lucite and rhinestone curl, 1-1/3" fur clip circa 1949. Shown in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry" on page 164.    View   #T10862

    TRIFARI 1960's jelly belly rooster in brushed gold tone setting. View   #T13924

  TRIFARI jelly belly bird brooch in brushed gold tone with rhinestones.  View    #T6116   


     DAUSCHUND sterling vermeil jelly belly doxy brooch, 2-1/2".   View   #T27836

TRIFARI sterling vermeil Lucite jelly belly gazelle brooch, 4". It is pictured in "Fun Jewelry" page 84 and on page 184 of Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry". Circa 1941.  View   #T36309

    JELLY BELLY sterling vermeil jelly belly fly pin, circa 1944, 2". Shown in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry" on page 153.   View   #Y24918



KARLKRAFT sterling silver jelly belly bird brooch with tiny green and clear rhinestones set in gold washed sterling, 2-1/8". The mark is double struck so I may be reading it wrong, as I am not familiar with this maker, but the piece is lovely.   View   View   #X65044

JELLY belly rooster brooch set in silver tone, 2-3/4". The Lucite belly and head are carved and shaped, the belly being 1/2" deep at the deepest so that it reflects beautifully.    View   #Y65454

TRIFARI sterling vermeil jelly belly poodle pin, marked "pat 131371", circa 1943, 2-1/3". Shown in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry" on page 148.    View    #T25109


TRIFARI jelly belly spider fur clip in gold plated sterling with Lucite body and clear rhinestones and baguettes, circa 1943, 2". Marked on the back "Trifari" with the crown, "sterling" and "pat. pend". This can be seen in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry, N-Z" page 184, where they say it originally sold for $18.50, expensive for that time. Inside the Lucite body are tiny lines, original to the piece and visible only under close examination.   View   View    #T62695  BIRD jelly belly dove brooch set in silver with Lucite belly and green rhinestone eye, circa 1945, 2-1/4".   View   #Y62693 TRIFARI jelly belly fly brooch with Lucite body, clear rhinestone accents with red eyes, all set in gold washed sterling, marked "pat 137,200", circa 1943, 1-5/8" wide. This can be seen in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry, N-Z" page 184.    View   View   #T62694 


STERLING jelly belly pear brooch with carved Lucite set in sterling silver, marked "sterling" on the back, circa 1940, 2" by 1-1/4". I am undecided as to whether this "belly" is Lucite or glass, even though I can usually tell. If it is glass, then technically it isn't a jelly belly. Whichever, it is a fun pin to wear and in excellent condition.   View  #Y38832 JELLY BELLY Lucite flower brooch with clear rhinestone dew drop, 3-1/2" by 3-1/4". There are tiny clear rhinestones along the veins of the gold tone leaves, a nice detail. This is in excellent condition in every way.   View   View   View   View   View   #Y39128 TRIFARI swan jelly belly brooch with a Lucite body set in silver tone, marked "Trifari 737201 des pat no" on the back, 2-5/8" by 2". There are a few very light scratches on belly, seen only upon very close examination.  View   #T39271


TRIFARI jelly belly earrings set in gold tone and with clip backs, each 7/8" wide.  View   #T13678 TRIFARI jelly belly earrings set in gold tone and with clip backs, each 7/8" wide.  View   #T13679  



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TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
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