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Welcome to the beauty, history and art that is vintage jewelry. We buy and sell vintage rhinestone, costume, designer, bakelite, and antique Georgian & Victorian jewelry, sterling, and accessories.
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Morning Glory Collects...
vintage jewelry we enjoy buying, wearing and sharing
 Classic Clear Rhinestone Jewelry



  GA ITALY sterling and paste clear rhinestone) butterfly pin with red eyes, beautifully made, 2-1/3". This mark is for Giorgio Armani, the Italian fashion designer. It is in excellent condition.  View  #X7080       TRIFARI 3-1/2" clear rhinestones set in silver tone flower and swirl fur clip.   View   View   #T24211  

  STERLING and rhinestone moth brooch with cabochon body.   View   #Y20812


    STERLING and clear rhinestone pastes filigree bar pin, 2-1/2".  View   #Q26215

  STERLING and clear rhinestone pastes filigree bar pin, 2-1/2".  View   #Q26216

     STERLING and clear rhinestone pastes filigree bar pin, 2-1/2".  View   #Q26217


    TKF TRIFARI clear rhinestones set in silver tone 16" necklace with 1-1/2" front motif, circa 1935.  View   View  #T11342    

  STERLING and rhinestones bangle, 7" by 1/4".    View   #Y24315

     TRIFARI clear rhinestones blossom and teardrop 3" brooch.   View   View  #T19218


PASTE early clear rhinestones monkey on a bar pin, silver mark on back, coral ends, 7/8" by 1-1/3" circa 1900.   View   #Q32444

   CLEAR "SGP England" sterling silver with "pastes" (clear rhinestones) flower pin, articulated in 3 sections and has nice movement when worn. It has a safety closure mechanism and is in excellent condition.    View   View   #Y28704

STERLING silver and paste (clear rhinestones) fish brooch, 3-1/3".   View  #Y24352

ENGLISH sterling and clear paste dangling leaves and flowers brooch with brilliant clear rhinestones set in sterling silver, beautifully made and jointed in two places for movement, 3-1/3" . It is hallmarked for Birmingham, England, maker "CP" and the date letter "G" for 1981.   View   View   View   View      #Q38606

STERLING arrow pin with clear rhinestones, 2-1/2" by 5/8" at the widest. This "shot through the heart" brooch is fun to wear in so many ways!   View   #N40206

BRILLIANT clear rhinestone set in japanned settings brooch 3" earrings 7/8"   View   #Y39561



     DECO clear rhinestone rectangular brooch with multiple sizes of baguettes, 2-3/4" by 1-1/2".    View  #Q24347

     DUETTE style clear pave and blue rhinestone 2-1/2" brooch/clips.   View   #Y20940

 CLEAR rhinestone set in sterling rectangular brooch, 2-1/2" circa 1930.   View   #Y24348


EDWARDIAN sterling silver and paste (clear rhinestones) photo locket with bow top, marked on back 925 and an illegible mark, two-sided, 1-5/8" total length by 1-1/8" wide.   View   View   #V32192

        DECO fabulous clear rhinestones set in silver tone bracelet with geometric design, 7-1/2" by 1-1/2".     View   View    #Y21208

       PANETTA detailed clear rhinestone bow pin, 2".   View    #X20710  


   MB Boucher clear rhinestones fuchsia flower pin, 4-1/8".   View   #M23566

BOUCHER advertisement showing the clear rhinestone floral, grasshopper and fuchsia brooch, 1948

    RHINESTONE pave flower brooches.   View


  BOUCHER three-dimensional clear rhinestones 4-3/4" flower brooch.  View   View   #B24386 

     MB (Boucher) pave fuchsia flower 3-1/2" pin set in silver tone, circa 1948.   View   View   #M21885 

  BOUCHER 3"clear rhinestones set in silver tone floral brooch.  View   #M23934 


   DECO L&M (The Leach & Miller Co.) sterling and clear foiled and unfoiled rhinestones bracelet, circa 1925, 6-1/3" by 5/8".   View   View   View   #Q32376 CLEAR rhinestone pave floral brooch with rhodium plated base metal setting, circa 1940, 3-3/4".   View   #Y32324 CLEAR pastes (rhinestones) flower earrings with artificial pearl centers, all set in silver tone, circa 1930, 1".   View   #Y32289


    TRIFARI silver tone 4" fur clip with clear rhinestones.  View  #T20939    STERLING necklace with clear rhinestone florets and dangles, sterling mark and illegible maker's mark on the back of one drop, 18" by 2" front drop .   View   View   #Y29276  CLEAR brilliant rhinestones Duette style brooch and clips combination marked with "patn #1945268", 3".   View   #Y29272


   SILVER girandole clear rhinestone "paste" screw back earrings, 2-1/2".   View   #Y26224     CLEAR rhinestone flowers trembler 14-1/2" by 1-1/4" necklace, 7" by 7/8" bracelet and 7/8" earrings. See a matching brooch in Moro's "European Jewelry" page 25.  View   View   View   #27679    STERLING and clear rhinestones earrings, 1-1/3".  View #Y16560


CLEAR rhinestones brooch set in pot metal, 3-1/8" by 2". We cannot decide whether this is a comet or a stylized flower, so will leave the up to you!   View   #Y66638 CLEAR rhinestone bouquet and bow brooch with large oval rhinestone flower heads and smaller rhinestone leaves, 4" by 2-1/4".   View   #Y66623  CLEAR rhinestone square pin set in silver tone, 2-1/8" by 2-1/8". Between each stone is a space, giving this extra dimension.  View   #Y66636


CLEAR rhinestones flower brooch in gold tone circa1940, 4".   View   #Y63178 CLEAR rhinestone layered big flower dress clip in pot metal, 2-1/2".  View   View   #Y63176 CLEAR rhinestones flower brooch in silver tone, 2-7/8".    View   #Y63179


CLEAR rhinestones round brooch set in silver tone, fan shapes created by teardrops and baguettes and round accents around the outside edge, 1-5/8".  View   #Y66578 CLEAR rhinestones and brushed gold tone blossom brooch, 2-1/3" by 1-1/3".  View   #Y66577 FLORAL brooch with soft yellow unfoiled flowers and clear foiled rhinestone leaves and accents, all set in both silver and gold tone metal. This beauty is 3-1/8" long and so well designed, with interesting layers. While it has some grayed rhinestones it's still a wonderful stylized bouquet. Circa 1940, it's an unusual piece for sure.    View   #Y26172 


MAZER sterling and clear rhinestones crown 2" pin and earrings.   View    #M19958

CASTLECLIFF sterling crown 1-7/8" pin w/teardrop-shaped faux pearls and rhinestones circa 1943.  
View   #X5007

    KRAMER sterling and clear rhinestones crown 2" pin and earrings.   View  #X19956


  STARET clear rhinestones dress clip with gold tone and silver tone leaves, 3-1/8".  View   #S22410           

       POOLS OF LIGHT  4-3/4" bouquet pin… this one is NOT signed, but I have seen this signed both Staret and Trifari, so who knows. Whatever it is, it's fabulous!   View   View    #S12330

   STARET huge 3-3/4" clear and  brilliant rhinestone pin in a symmetrical and very showy design.   #S12116   


    DECO 3-1/2" dangle brooch with clear and red rhinestones and cabochons.  View   #Y22503

         CLEAR rhinestones 1-1/2" retro style pin set in silver tone. It also has a loop on the back so that it can be worn as a pendant.  View  #Y21751

 BLUE enameled blue flower pin with clear and red rhinestones, clear rhinestone have evenly grayed, adding to the antique look, 3-1/8".    View   #Y23609


  STARET clear rhinestones fur clip, circa 1940, 3-1/4".  View   #S17286

  CLEAR rhinestones berries and leaves design brooch, 3-1/3" diagonal measurement, circa 1940.  View   #Y14736

   STARET clear rhinestones set in pot metal  fur clip, circa 1940, 2-1/2".   View   #S19417


EISENBERG Original clear rhinestones set in pot metal dress clip, 2-3/4", in original Eisenberg & Sons blue velvet box, circa 1940.   View   View   View   View   #E29530 BOGOFF clear rhinestones set in silver tone stylized rose links necklace, 16" by 5/8".   View   #X29526   CLEAR rhinestones set in silver tone "back and front" earrings, 1".   View   View   #Y29528


     CLEAR rhinestones set in pot metal feather brooch, 4".   View   #Y26008

   CLEAR brilliant unfoiled rhinestones 15" necklace and 1/2" screw back earrings.   View   #Y26016

      CLEAR rhinestone earrings, 1-1/8".  View   #Y26028


CLEAR rhinestone paste dangle earrings with screw backs, circa 1930, 3".   #Y32764 BOW brooch of clear rhinestones set in pot metal, circa 1940, a nice large sized 3-5/8"  View   #Y32763   STERLING  and paste (clear rhinestones) floral brooch, 2-1/3".   View  #Y32779  


CLEAR unfoiled rhinestone necklace, 15-1/2" with 2-1/2" front dangles.   View   #Y34308 DUJAY style unsigned clear rhinestone roses with green enameled leaves necklace, 16" with 3" by 1-1/3" front element, some enamel crazing on the leaves upon close examination, circa 1940.   View   View   #Y34157 CLEAR unfoiled rhinestone necklace with sterling clasp, 16" and 3/16" wide.   View   #Y34309


     DECO sterling bracelet marked "patn 31/23", 6-3/4" by 3/8".  View   View   #Y21828

   DECO red carved glass center and clear rhinestone pave bracelet, 7-1/2" by 1-1/4".   View   View   #Y21891

   STERLING and clear rhinestone 7" by 1/2" line bracelet, circa 1940.  View   View  #Y20949  


       TKF Trifari Deco clear rhinestone bracelet, 7' by 1-1/8".   View  #T15658

    TRIFARI Deco style clear rhinestones necklace 14-3/4".   View   #T22507

     MAZER  Deco style clear rhinestones bracelet, 7" x 1".   View   View   #B23079


    BRACELET dazzling clear baguette rhinestones in a wonderful retro design,  7-1/8" by 1".    View   View  #Y22030

  TKF Trifari Deco style clear and green rhinestones bracelet, 7-1/4".   View    View   #T19118

  TKF Trifari Deco clear rhinestone bracelet with original tag, 7" by 3/4".  View   View   #T18961     



  DECO clear rhinestones set in silver tone buckle motif 14" necklace and 7" bracelet.   View   View   View   #Q26764

    PAYCO sterling "patented 3-16-26" buckle bracelet, 6-3/4" .   #Q24886

   CLEAR and the palest blue unfoiled and foiled rhinestone bracelet set in sterling, 7" by 11/16".  View   View   #Y25393


    BOUCHER  sterling and rhinestones 3-dimensional ship brooch, 2-1/3".    View  #M22137  

 SNAKE silver tone and clear rhinestones snake wrap bracelet, marked "Patented" and approx 7-1/2" but is adjustable.  #Y24892

   BRACELET of clear rhinestones, 7" by 11/16". This is very Eisenberg looking, but has no signature.  View   View   #Y25051


   STERLING and clear rhinestones 17" necklace and 1" earrings circa 1930. View View #Y24881    DECO clear rhinestones in rhodium setting 7-1/2" by 7/8" bracelet with some stones slightly graying. View View #Y24873    FRENCH paste 14-1/2" necklace in silver washed brass, 14-1/2" with slight finish wear View View #Y24880


CLEAR rhinestones with alternating rhinestones and rhinestone florets set in silver tone necklace, 17".   #Y29625 CLEAR rhinestones set in silver tone 2-1/2" brooch and 2" dangle earrings.   View   #Y29627 CLEAR marquis and chaton rhinestones set in silver tone necklace, 16" long with three front 2-1/2" dangles.   View   #Y29626


        BOW pin and earrings of clear rhinestones set in silver tone, marked with a tiny initial "H" on the back, 2-5/8" pin and 1" screw back earrings. 
View   View  #X20121 

       MAZER fabulous clear rhinestone paved rose brooch set in silver tone, some graying of stones, 3-1/3".   View   #M24344

 STERLING VERMEIL clear rhinestones and artificial pearls 7" by 1" bracelet, 2-1/2" brooch and 1" earrings.   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   #Y29852 


NEMO clear rhinestones set in pot metal screw back earrings, circa 1930, 1".   #X51003 CLEAR rectangular and ROUND rhinestones set in silver tone 14-16" by 1/3" necklace and 3/4" screw back earrings.   #Y51000   CLEAR rhinestone San Francisco trolley pin, 1-1/4".   View   #Y27722


REGENCY clear marquis rhinestone set in silver tone bracelet, circa 1960, 7" by 1/3".   #X60466  CLEAR rhinestones set in silver tone brooch and earrings with long dangles, 3" brooch and 1-3/4" earrings.   View   #Y60430  CLEAR rhinestones set in silver tone dangles earrings, 2-1/3".   #Y60431 


CLEAR rhinestones bib necklace, 14-1/2" by 3".   View   View   #Y31152 CLEAR rhinestones set in silver tone tiered brooch, 3".  View   View   #Y31153 CLEAR rhinestones set in heavy silver tone curved links bracelet, thick and slightly domed, high quality,  7" by 7/8".   #Y31918


WEISS clear rhinestones set in silver tone open flower earrings, 7/8".   View   #W31925 CLEAR rhinestone 1" apple pendant on a silver 21" chain.   #Y31930 TRIFARI clear rhinestones set in silver tone earrings, 1-1/8".   View   #T31924


CLEAR rhinestones set in silver tone domed round earrings, 3/4".   #Y31919 CLEAR rhinestones set in silver tone bangle bracelet, 7-1/2" by 1/8".   #Y31931 BAR with artificial pearls and clear rhinestones, circa 1965, 2".   View   #Y32158


   CLEAR rhinestones set in silver tone photo holder brooch,  1-5/8". There are brads behind the center opening to hold a tiny picture.   View   #Y32976

BUTTERFLY double clip pin with clear rhinestones set in pot metal, when the wings are squeezed, the pins open to be fastened. Marked on the back with the letters "EB?" in a bell, circa 1930, 2-1/8" by 1-1/3'.   View   View   View  #Y1546

CLEAR pot metal eye-shaped brooch with dazzling clear rhinestones, circa 1940, 3-1/2".   View   #Y60981


VENDOME clear rhinestone dangly pendant earrings set in silver tone,  2" long and in excellent condition, circa 1960.   View   #Y38720 

CLEAR rhinestone bow pin set in silver tone, a tiny treat at 1-1/2" by 1".  View   #Y38718 AURORA borealis faceted glass beads expansion bracelet 6-7" by 1" wide, silver tone.  View    #Y38739

CLEAR rhinestone earrings with clip backs all set in silver tone, 1-1/2". The rhinestones are really brilliant and in excellent condition, as are the settings.   View   #Y38719 


CLEAR rhinestone European bracelet set in silver tone mesh, marked on clasp, "RV, Provis. Protected", 7" by 1/3".   #Y33502 CLEAR rhinestones set in silver tone 3-dimensional necklace, 16" by 1-1/2". This came to me originally as a design sample with no finish and I had it plated, thinking is was much to fabulous not to be finished. It lays beautifully on the neck.  I wonder if it was production line or if this is a one-of-a-kind piece.   View   View     View  View   View   #Y33430 FLOWER brooch of clear rhinestones set in silver tone, 3-7/8".  View   #Y61566


KRAMER clear rhinestones wide bracelet, slightly domed when worn, 7" by 1".   View   View   #X34107 CLEAR Deco style rhinestone bracelet set in rhodium with safety chain, a wonderful rhythmic design, 7" by 3/4".   View   View  #Y61114  CLEAR rhinestone bracelet set in silver tone with safety chain, circa 1930s, 7" by 1-1/8".   View   View   #Y34110



CLEAR rhinestone flower brooch in rhodium setting, 2-1/3".   View   #Y33745

CLEAR rhinestones set in antiqued silver tone florets necklace, 16-1/2" by 3/4".   View   View   #Y33310

CLEAR rhinestone Retro swirl brooch set in silver tone, 2".   #Y61653


DECO pot metal dress clip with molded glass and clear rhinestones, circa 1930, 2-1/8". The rhinestone are slightly and evenly grayed.    View   #Y62755  CLEAR unfoiled rhinestone mesh necklace with patent snap closure, circa 1930, 17" and 2" front drop. This is so fine that it looks like lace with rhinestones.   View   View   #Y34703 CLEAR unfoiled rhinestones brooch with rhinestone dangles all set in silver tone circa 1930, 2-3/4".   View   #Y62046


REINAD clear rhinestone and silver tone round brooch, 2".   View   #34860  CLEAR pot metal and clear rhinestones 1930s necklace, the stones in the flower are yellowing but it is still lovely, 16" by 1".   View   View   #Y34855  CLEAR and clear rhinestone swirl brooch, pendant loop on the back 2-1/3".   View   #N34857 


 TRIFARI "Midnight" herring bone design clear baguette rhinestones bracelet set in silver tone, circa 1958, safety chain, 7" by 5/8". This 1958 magazine ad shown this same bracelet.    View   #T65066 BOUCHER green baguette and clear rhinestones swirl brooch set in silver tone, numbered "5355", 2-1/4".   #M65029 TRIFARI clear rhinestone line bracelet set in silver tone, safety chain, 7" by 1/3".  View   #T65059


TRIFARI circle pin swirl brooch and earrings in clear rhinestones set in silver tone, brooch 2", earrings 1".   #T64903 EISENBERG clear rhinestones bracelet with safety chain, circa 1950, 6-5/8" by 1".  View   #E64763 WEISS clear teardrop rhinestones set in silver tone earrings, 1".   #W64944


KRAMER sterling and clear rhinestones bracelet, 7-1/4" by 1".   #64773  TRIFARI clear rhinestone open design brooch set in silver tone, a lovely rhythmic design, 2-1/8".   #T35725 CLEAR rhinestone fringe dangles earrings set in silver tone, 2-1/2".  #Y35728


BOUCHER clear rhinestone bracelet set in silver tone, 7" by 3/4".   #B64861 WEISS clear rhinestones necklace, 16-1/2" with 2-1/2" front drop. The intricate layered front is really lovely.   View  #W64943 CLEAR rhinestone bracelet set in silver tone, relatively heavy and good quality, chatons and baguettes create a rhythmic design, safety chain included, 7" by 5/8".   View   #Y35712 


BELL or lantern brooch in clear and red rhinestones, the motif is a bell (or a lantern) which dangles from a ribbon, all set in silver tone, 2-1/4". It is jointed at the top of the lantern and also at the clapper.   View   #Y65430 DECO 1930s clear rhinestones line necklace, 15" by 1/4".   View   #Q35014 CLIPS clear rhinestones dress clips, set of 2, 2" each.   View   #Y63323


CLEAR rhinestone flower and teardrops brooch set in silver tone, 2-1/2".  View   #Y37740

WRAP necklace, heavy gold tone double chain necklace with clear rhinestone tassels, total length of the gold tone chain is is 34" and each tassel is 3-1/2". While unsigned, this is a well made high quality piece..  #Y37474   

BRILLIANT clear rhinestone 4-layer brooch set in rhodium plate silver tone, 2-1/3". The stones are in excellent condition, as is the setting, and they are all securely prong set. The layers reflect beautifully and this is a wonderful classic brooch circa 1950-60s.   View   View   #39395
BRILLIANT clear rhinestones brooch and earrings  set in japanned settings. The brooch is 3"at the widest and the clip back earrings 7/8". This set is in excellent condition.   View   #Y39561


SMART SET 5th Avenue clear rhinestone baguette bracelet in rhodium silver tone setting. It is 7" by 3/4", has a  rhodium finish and the stones are hand set, in it's box. The box is signed, but not the bracelet. It is my understanding that Coro made a brand by this name, but I am not sure this is one of their pieces. The stones in this are brilliantly clear and it is in excellent condition, and I would guess the date is circa 1960.  View   View   View   View   #Y39570  EARRINGS with clear unfoiled marquis-shaped rhinestones set in a black japanned setting with round rhinestone accents, 1-1/8" by 1". Brilliant and in excellent vintage condition.   View   #Y36118



  CLEAR rhinestone bracelet in silver tone with it's own safety chain, 7-1/4" by 1-1/8". All the stones are sparkling and clean, and this is perfect for the holidays and all year round as well!.  View   View   #Y40016  


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