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Needlepoint, Petit Point, Tapestry, Cut Steel, Miser's

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Needlepoint and it's smaller-stitched cousin, petit point, are both worked on a canvas or cloth backing, as opposed to tapestry, in which the stitches themselves create the fabric. The images are created by tiny stitches and intricate coloring, and jeweled and enameled frames often add to the design. In the late 1800's and early 1900's, ladies "fancy work" included the making of needlepoint and beaded bags, and illustrations and directions could be found in ladies magazines of the time. These bags were also imported from Europe, especially Austria.


   PETIT POINT purse 9 inches long and 7-1/2" wide across the frame. Beautiful garden motif with many flowers and wonderful colors, the frame is multi-chrome enameling and the chain handle is decorated with glass beads. Inside lining is intact and accented with braided trim.  View   View   View    View    View   View  #P20987   

    AUSTRIA petit point evening bag in a floral motif with a central architectural cartouche and a  pink and white enameled frame accented with marcasites, 6-3/4" by 7-1/2". The lining is decorated with tiny ribbon flower edging. This purse is pictured in can be seen in Evelyn Haertig's "More Beautiful Purses" on page 61, plate 41.  View   View  View   View   View  #P20988

  REDISCH of NY 1930-40's petit point evening bag, black enamel and sterling frame, pheasants and flowers motif, 6" by 6-1/4" . There is one blue cabochon replaced on the clasp.  View   View   View   View   #P20989


    NEEDLEPOINT cream and brown striped mini purse with flowers, gold tone frame with blue and yellow rhinestones, 5" by 4-1/2" with 10" handle. Enclosed hand written note says, "Party bag Tante (Aunt) Margot made and gave me in Baden-Baden 1938".    View   View   View   View    #P26685

       BLACK petit point purse with colorful floral and leaf motif, 7" by 8". The silver floral and scroll embossed frame is intricate and lovely, with dolphin loops holding a 16" double chain handle.   View   View   View   View   View   #P26687

    NEEDLEPOINT tan and cream needlepoint purse with floral medallion and rhinestone frame, 6-1/2" by 6" . The beads on the handle may have been added later, 12".   View   View   View   #P26690





   TIFFANY 1930-40's petit point evening bag, enameled and sterling metal filigree, frame floral still life motif, 5-3/4" by 8-1/3".   View  View   View  #P20978



Fabric bodied purses were often coordinated with richly jeweled and enameled frames. Some fabric used in these purses was older fabric being re-used, and some was designed especially for purses. Tapestry differs from needlepoint in that the stitches form the fabric, instead of being worked into a base fabric or canvas.


VICTORIAN brown velvet purse with tambour work flower bouquet, pink and green jeweled frame, 8" by 8" body and 14" chain. See another tambour worked purse in Haertig's "More Beautiful Purses" on page 69.  View   View   View   View   #P32281   TIFFANY attributed ( no signature) tapestry woven diagonal pattern 5-1/3" by 6" bag with glass beaded fringe, slide-over catch on a sterling frame.  View   View   View  #P20979 VICTORIAN brown velvet purse with tiny cut steel beads in a regal griffon and snakes motif, faceted steel brads on frame, 9-1/2" by 9" with a 32" chain handle. See other cut steel purses in Haertig's "More Beautiful Purses" on page 256-7.   View   View   View   View    #P32280


PURSE Oriental gray purse with soft coral, green, yellow and brown vases of flowers purse with butterscotch and black frame, 8" by 9", and 14", handle shredding.   View   View   View   View   View     #P32276   PURSE black silk purse with cross stitched flowers and rhinestone clip front frame, 9" by 7", one tiny hold near top through one layer of fabric only.   View   View   View   View   #P26646       PURSE Asian motif purse with embroidered lady, butterfly and peonies, wear on the figure of a lady, 7-3/4" by 5-3/4".   View   View   View   View   View   View   #P32277


    CHINESE evening bag, beautifully colored embroidered silk cell with a netsuke style clasp, 7-1/8".   View   View    #P20983

    ASIAN bag, pattern silk chatelaine with a celluloid dragon toggle, 5-1/3" by 3-1/2".  View   View    View   View  #P20984

     ASIAN bag, embroidered knots chatelaine with celluloid dragon toggle, 5-1/2" by 3-1/2".  View   View   View   View  #P20985


 ASIAN embossed tinted leather bag with celluloid dragon toggle, 5-1/2" by 3-1/2".  View   View   View   View  #P20635

Close up of dragon toggle.

  ASIAN evening bag, colorful tooled leather, celluloid elephants Mt Fuji. Measures 7-1/8" wide.   View   View    View   View  #P20980


  VICTORIAN black leather purse with gold tone scrolled frame and Art Nouveau style lady center medallion, 6" by 6" with 10" handle, circa 1890.  View   View   View   View    View   #P26641

  BLACK velvet 7" by 5-1/2" purse with silver cherubs, flowers, dolphins 6" by 2" frame and 3" belt chatelaine with 3-1/2" chains, German, stamped 800 silver and dated 1880/90.  .   View   View   View   View   View   #P28879     

  ART NOUVEAU  leather purse, curved leather pouch with chased silver frame.  View    View  #P20964



         DEUTZ brown wool 7-1/2" by 8" purse with 2" wide gold tone frame, 2-3/4" detachable swan brooch, double chain 10" handle.   View   View   View   View   View   #P26705

ROSENFELT oval black suede bag with a center painted medallion depicting 18th century style couple mounted in an elaborate blue and turquoise enameled frame, 11" by 11", circa 1950. View  #P20991  

     ASIAN evening bag, processional on front, 8-1/3" by 6".  View   View   #P20981





 ASIAN evening bag, 5-1/2" by 3-2/3" tooled leather cloud & dragon motif.  View   View  #P20982



Glass beads have decorated personal ornaments for hundreds of years, and the range of colors and designs is almost infinite. Floral, figural, scenic ... all are collectible. Most glass beads came from France, Italy, Czechoslovakia and Germany. Purses were made both professionally and as a home craft.


VICTORIAN glass beaded bag reticule or purse featuring a figure, landscape and floral design, 6" by 8' with 1" fringe and soft blue silk gather and drawstring. The bottom section holds a tiny red house, a leafy tree and a female character wearing a blue dress and a white apron. The roses and floral bands are separated by sawtooth bands, and the bottom fringe is a multi-colored bead twist. See other reticule purses in Haertig's "More Beautiful Purses" on pages 188.   View   View   View   View   #P32282 VICTORIAN beaded purse with pink roses and floral wreath design on a lavender and honey tan background, silver tone embossed frame with birds on either side of a central cartouche, 10" by 7" with as is 2" tassel, 24" chain.   View   View   View   View   View   #P32279 VICTORIAN glass beaded purse with black background, golden medallions with roses, grapes and flowers, body as is, body 6-3/4" by 6-3/4" with 2" fringe.   View   View   View    #P32283




     BEADED 6-1/2" by 10-1/2" purse with red and pink roses on a black background with green and golden colored accents. Excellent condition with no flaws or missing beads on the outside,  but one 1-1/4" straight slit in the inside green lining.  Handle is 16". Approximately 14 beads to the inch.   View   View   #P22083

VICTORIAN Made in Germany glass beaded leaf motif purse in gorgeous colors, 5" by 9-1/4".   View   View   View   #P28878

  BEADED 6-3/4" by 11-5/8" purse with richly colored Persian rug designs. The frame is a fabulous black molded plastic cameo and flowers, and the handle is a layered multi-colored 16" plastic chain. The inside lining is original but frayed. Approximately 17 beads to the inch.  View   View    View   #P20175


FRENCH  multi colored glass beaded bag wreath pattern, 12" by 8". Interior lining has ribbon flower edging.   View  #P20966

  BEADED pouch purse with Christian imagery with a romantic handwritten World War I note from a soldier at the front inside dated 1918. This is 18 inches from top to bottom of fringe.  View   View   View   View    View   View   #P20960

  FRENCH  pouch bag with sterling frame and fine glass beads in purple grapes and vines motif on gold background, 7" by 12", clasp has amethyst-colored cabochons. View   View  #P20967


   PURSE aqua and silvery glass seed bead purse with loop closure handle, 5" body with 2-3/4" tassel, 4" looped handle.   View   View   #P28606

   PURSE cobalt blue glass seed bead with black, brown, burgundy, sage and lavender design drawstring purse, 7-1/2" by 10' with 12" handle.    View   View   View   #P28607

   PURSE brown glass seed bead crocheted drawstring purse, 5-1/2" by 7-1/2" with 12" handles.   View   View   View   #P28608


Victorian lady with a beaded bag, an unusual accessory to able to see so well in pictures of that time. PURSE glass seed beaded purse with a lovely peacock in a garden motif on both sides, lining replaced, beautiful twisted fringe, 6-2/3" by 11" .   View    View   #P16715 PURSE Designs by Asly purse with purple, blue, green aurora borealis bugle beads in a peacock feather design purse, silver tone and clear rhinestone frame 5-1/2", body 8" by 4-1/2", bottom fringe 4". It is very unusual to see a peacock feather motif on a purse this shape, rather than the more usual long rectangular purse.  View   View   View   #P32278





 PURSE black satin purse with sequins and artificial pearls, 5" by 3-1/2" by 1-1/2". The double handle is 16" long. Inside are mirrors, powder rouge and lipstick compartments, but no lipstick tube.  View   View   View   #P17449 



Shimmering subtle colors and intricate designs are the hallmark of these wonderful purses. Made in both Europe and the United States, they are usually framed in gilt base metal or plate. French cut steel bags are particularly desirable.


   STEEL beaded purse with basket motif and jeweled and enameled frame set with aqua cabochons and blue rhinestones. Purse body is 6-1/2" by 9". Lining is intact though very slightly soiled, and is trimmed with ribbon flowers. Included inside are a matching mirror and coin purse.   View    View    View    View   #P20422

  FRENCH glass beaded purse, pink and golden, 6" by 11", covered mirror inside.   View   View   View   #P28877

 MADE IN FRANCE  labeled fine carpet pattern aluminum beaded bag, early 20th century. The colors, design and quality are wonderful. Measures 6-3/4" by 11-3/4". Two bottom fringes are missing, and the inside lining is shredded.  View   View   View   View  #P20965       


  FRENCH DECO gold and silver colored cut steel beaded bag with an amber stone clasp accented with topaz-colored rhinestones, 6" by 8-1/4" with a delicate pink lining. The geometric bottom enhances the overall design of the purse. A design very similar to this can be seen in Evelyn Haertig's "More Beautiful Purses" on page 247, top left.  View   View   View  #P20968 

   STEEL BEADED handbag with subtle metallic coloring, 5-1/2" by 9-1/2". Soft sage green lining is intact   View    View    View    View    View   #P16678

 CUT STEEL beaded carpet pattern bag with lovely fringed bottom, 8-1/2" by 4-3/4", no lining and reinforcing stitching on the inside at each corner (see pictures). A design very similar to this can be seen in Evelyn Haertig's "More Beautiful Purses" on page 247  View   View   View   #P25905


  PURSE cut steel bead purse with double chain strap, 5-1/4" by 7".   View   View   View      #P28491

   FRENCH  steel cut beaded carpet pattern bag, 4" by 6-2/3".  View   View   #P20970

    PURSE steel metallic beaded purse in silver and gold beads with green accents, lining as is, 4-1/2 by 6-1/2".   View  View   View   #P16678A





   CHATELAINE PURSE Marked "F&N Co" inside., with a silver plated frame, silver faceted beads and a leather back, originally worn on a chatelaine, circa 1900, 5" by 8". A purse almost identical to this can be seen in Roseann Ettinger's "Handbags" on page 32 and in Evelyn Haertig's "More Beautiful Purses" on page 136.   View   View   View   #P20992       

   GORHAM sterling purse chatelaine, 2-1/8".   View   View   View    Purse shown with belt clip attached. #a24991

 PURSE Art Nouveau frame circa 1900 steel cut bead round purse with fringe as is, 6-1/2" with 6" chain, lady face belt chatelaine, 2". A similar purse can be seen in Roseann Ettinger's "Handbags" on page 32 and in Evelyn Haertig's "More Beautiful Purses" on page 136.   View   View   View   View   #P28603   


VICTORIAN ladies and chatelaine their purses.  View

FRENCH  cut steel square pouch with basket design, geometric and lattice border. View  #P20969

   LADY with wide brimmed hat, umbrella and purse.


The miser's purse was in style in the mid to late 1800's. Carried by both men and women to contain money, they were flipped over a belt, held in the hand, or kept in a pocket. The metal rings push down to contain the coins, which were inserted into a small slit opening at the middle of the bag. These purses were usually either knitted or crocheted, and were often hand made from patterns found in the magazines of the time. 


   BEADED miser's purse, knitted green and tan stripes with cut steel bead work and enameled decorative capped ends. View  #P20957

     BEADED miser's purse, knitted ivory color cut steel bead work and fringe. The different fringes on each end made it easier to determine which end of the bag held which items.  #P20958

   KNITTED miser's purse, red, brown & green knit .   #P20959



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