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~ "The New Bead Book, 1924" ~


Early catalogues are a marvelous resource about the accessories of by-gone days. This instruction booklet, dated 1924, came across my desk this month and I wanted to share it. The illustrations are lovely, and the techniques fascinating.

To quote from the book:

"From remote antiquity has come the use of beads for personal adornment... Since the fourteenth century the manufacture of beads has been a regular industry in Venice, and there are now a number of European countries engaged in bead production. In our own time the fashioning of beaded articles is not a fad... it is artistry.. in our military hospitals beadwork whiles away many otherwise weary hours for the convalescents, combining the making of articles for which they receive compensation with a very pleasant pastime... A work of art always lives, becoming enhanced by age in both value and sentiment."



"New Bead Book" published by National Trading Company, Chicago and New York, 1924.

  PURSE glass seed beaded purse with a lovely peacock in a garden motif on both sides, lining replaced, 6-2/3" by 11" .   View    View   #P16715

   Inside cover with designs and adaptations by Emma Post Barbour.


   Page 10 The Egyptian  Model No. 384 ~ a knitted bag on a frame.

Page 8  ~ Instructions for The Egyptian,
shown at left.

Page 11 Lady Gertrude Model No.625 ~ a crocheted drawstring bag.


Page 2  The Elizabethe ~ Model 101 ~ a knitted bag.

    An actual purse made from the "Elizabethe" pattern, shown at left.  View
Courtesy of Jackie Smith of
Arhyonel Beadwork & Restorations


Page 3 ~ The Miser Model no.509 ~ a crocheted "miser's" bag.
La Vogue Model no.527 ~ Rosebud Dewdrop ~ a crocheted dewdrop bag.


   BEADED miser's purse, knitted green and tan stripes with cut steel bead work and enameled decorative capped ends. View  #P20957

     BEADED miser's purse, knitted ivory color cut steel bead work and fringe. The different fringes on each end made it easier to determine which end of the bag held which items.  #P20958

   KNITTED miser's purse, red, brown & green knit.   #P20959


Page 6 ~ Rosebud Dewdrop Model No. 974 ~

BEADED pouch purse with Christian imagery with a romantic handwritten World War I note from a soldier at the front inside dated 1918. This is 18 inches from top to bottom of fringe.  View   View   View   View    View   View   #P20960

   Page 14 ~ Miss Chicago Model No.711 ~ a crocheted bag.
Coin Purse Model No.734 ~ a crocheted bag
For the business woman.


   Victorian lady with a beaded bag, an unusual accessory to able to see so well in pictures of that time.



FRENCH  multi colored glass beaded bag wreath pattern, 12" by 8". Interior lining has ribbon flower edging.   View  #P20966

  Page 7 ~ The Matinee Model No.236 ~ a knitted bag ~ a charming bag for the afternoon.

  FRENCH  pouch bag with sterling frame and fine glass beads in purple grapes and vines motif on gold background, 7" by 12", clasp has amethyst-colored cabochons.   View   View  #P20967


Page 15 The Fleur-De-Lis Model No.787 ~ a crocheted bag.

    Page 18 The Girdle Model No.867 ~ a crocheted bag
La Poudre Puff Case Model No.891 ~ a crocheted bag
Dress Ornaments Nos. 1033 and 1035 ~ braided and needlework
Accessories for the evenings enjoyment.

  Page 20 The Boulevard Model No.418 ~ a knitted bag
To increase your pleasure in promenade.


   FABULOUS BEADED  flapper necklace with peacock eye motif, beaded balls, 38" total length.   View   View   #Y16827

   Page 22 Conventional Necklace Design No.43
Slipper Buckle Design No.81
Wrist Watch and Design No.11
Headband Design No.93
Rosebud Neckband Design No.33
Conventional Neckband Design No.35
A page of  Loom Work.

   BEADED  1-1/2" band with pink and red roses, 52" long with a 5-1/2" fringe.   View   View   #Y16828


Page 26  Forget-Me-Not Necklace Design No.1059
Lamp Shade Trimming Design No.1061
Hat Ornament with Pendant Design No.1082
Hat Trimming Design No.1085
Watch Fob with Initial Design No.50
Watch Fob - Conventional Design No.55
Needlework and Loom Work.

BEADED flapper sautoir in translucent gray glass beads,    View   View   #Y17287 

Page 27 Bracelet Design No.4
Rings Design Nos. 22 and 24
Bracelet Design No.1005
Headband Design No.40
Two-Strand Necklace Design No.1075
Sally's Own Dewdrop Bag Model No.975
Loom Work, Braided, Needlework and Woven
A page for children.


   PURSE aqua and silvery glass seed bead purse with loop closure handle, 5" body with 2-3/4" tassel, 4" looped handle.   View   View   #P28606

   PURSE cobalt blue glass seed bead with black, brown, burgundy, sage and lavender design drawstring purse, 7-1/2" by 10' with 12" handle.    View   View   View   #P28607

   PURSE brown glass seed bead crocheted drawstring purse, 5-1/2" by 7-1/2" with 12" handles.   View   View   View   #P28608



Page 23 Plain Necklace Design No.782
Plain Bracelet Design No.782A
Spiral Necklace Design No.783
Spiral Bracelet Design No.783A
Enriching the gown or blouse.

SEED BEAD sautoirs... the white one is 4 feet long. View   #Q20407
The pink is 66 inches long.  #Q20408




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TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
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