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ortrait & Photographic


  VICTORIAN lady wearing a portrait brooch, cut steel buttons and diamond earrings. Cabinet card size 4-1/4" by 6-1/2", marked "J. O. Herbert, Grand Rapids, Wis."

   VICTORIAN lady wearing a portrait brooch.

   VICTORIAN lady wearing a portrait brooch and a watch chain with a ring as an ornament. Cabinet card size 4-1/4" by 6-1/2" marked on the front "Younge, Over Glenn's, Franklin Square, Utica, NY".   View

  VICTORIAN lady wearing a portrait brooch and watch chain. Cabinet Card size 4-1/4" by 6-1/2" marked "Jacoby, Minneapolis" on the front.

It can be hand painted on ivory, porcelain, paper or mother-of-pearl.... it can be set in gold with precious gems, mounted on jet or simply costume jewelry... it can be a lovely lady, a dignified gentleman or a charming child...

Portrait jewelry is a sentimental favorite, a personality captured in time and a classic fashion accessory.

In the days before photography, a hand-painted portrait miniature was the only way to preserve an image of a loved one and a desirable keepsake or love token. While some of these miniature art works were done of actual people including both royalty and everyday folks, others were painted of mythological characters and fictional lovely ladies. Mother-of-pearl, ivory and vellum were often used as painting surfaces. Settings range from the simplest rolled gold twist frame brooch to gem encrusted wonders.

Artists who did portrait miniatures were called "limners" and they did pieces for jewelry as well as work meant to be framed for display, often in lacquered wood or ivory embellished frames.  Some traveled from city to city taking commissions as they went. Portraits could be worn on velvet ribbons around the neck, as brooches, rings and bracelets, and in lockets. Even men occasionally worn portraits suspended around the neck under their shirts.

Collectors of Victorian portrait jewelry prefer artist-signed pieces, lovely ladies and children, and identifiable individuals. Portraits that combine enclosures for hair or include an engraved notation are also sought after.



     VICTORIAN hand painted portrait of a lady in a tortoise frame, circa 1820.   View  View   View   View   #a26493

 CUPIDS hand painted on ivory in soft delicate colors set into a gold colored metal frame with hinged stand. View View View #A50473

  CUPID hand painted on ivory in soft delicate colors set into a gold colored metal frame with hinged stand and bow motif on top. View View View View View #A50474



    PORTRAIT hand painted portrait on ivory, lady with jewelry.  View   View   #a26477

   PORTRAIT hand painted portrait on ivory, lady in empire dress, "Blessington" marked on back.  View   View   View   View   #a26478

  PORTRAIT enamel on metal detailed and lovely lady in metal frame,   View   #a26191



    Early portrait miniatures were hand painted images of real people, such as those shown below. Traveling artists known as "limners" went from town to town offering their services, and their work varies from very primitive to very professional. Since there was no photography until the mid-1800s, this was the only way of preserving the likeness of a loved one.


Business card of an early portrait painter,
F. J. Borden of Swanton, Vermont
     Many portrait painters traveled to find their subjects, working in the client's home.


F.J. Borden, Crayon and pastel portraits



   VICTORIAN 14k gentleman's portrait 2-1/8" oval brooch engraved on the back "Catherine Graham, Albany NY".   View   #V23370

 Group of portrait, photographic and memorial jewelry.

PORTRAIT Pendant Victorian hand painted portrait, probably on ivory, 2-3/4". On the reverse is a lock of his hair.    View



    Some portrait miniatures are transfers rather than hand painted, such as those shown below. Occasionally they were a combination of transfers and hand painted details. These were pictures of attractive people, usually women, often wearing fancy or ethnic dress.



   PORTRAIT brooch hand painted on porcelain in a twisted gold tone setting.    View   #V23717

  PORTRAIT porcelain transfer portrait brooch, lady with green veil, 1-1/2".   View   #Y25355

  VICTORIAN portrait brooch, 2-1/2". This lady dressed in plum is delicately hand painted on a porcelain disk set into a twisted gold filled setting. Notice the detail of the feather in her hat.   View   #V22943


    VICTORIAN lady hand painted porcelain brooch, wearing pink rose and necklace, 1-7/8".   View   #V27596

   VICTORIAN yellow gold enamel painted portrait pierced earrings, pendant portion 1-1/3". See Bell's "Collecting Victorian Jewelry" page 158.  View   View   #V27338    

      VICTORIAN bellman's cap transfer with hand painted transfer details portrait brooch in twisted gold tone frame, 2-1/3".   View   #V27593


   VICTORIAN painted porcelain portrait brooch, 2" with tiny factory face "dimple".  View   #V24885        VICTORIAN portrait brooch 2-1/4" in gold tone frame.  View   #V24860       VICTORIAN vintage lady transfer with hand painted details on porcelain portrait pin.   View   #V24933


  VICTORIAN hand painted portrait brooch, lady in feathered hat set in gold tone, 1-1/2" by 1-1/8".   View   #V30093  



    Miniature portraits go back almost as far as written history itself. Because they could be either carried easily or worn prominently, they were a favorite item of sentiment. The best quality are the hand painted pieces, rich in detail and capturing the personality of the subject. Set in everything from fine gold and diamonds to Victorian jet, the value can vary widely.



   VICTORIAN 2" "gypsy boy" hand detailed portrait on jet segmented bracelet 1" wide and strung on elastic, fits a 6 to 6-1/2" wrist.   View   #V28835

       VICTORIAN lady wearing a portrait pendant set in jet on a black neck ribbon and a bog oak oval brooch at her neckline. Carte de viste size 2-1/2" by 4-1/4", marked "R.P. Skeolan, Harrogate" on the front and "miniature painter" on the back.  View

 VICTORIAN painted porcelain set in vulcanite boy portrait brooch, 2-1/8".   View   #V25351    


 VICTORIAN jet hand painted praying child teardrop shaped 2-1/4" portrait pendant on 20" fabric ribbon.   View   View   #V28833

VICTORIAN jet and hand painted on porcelain lady in pink and blue portrait brooch, Greek key design edge, 1-7/8" by 1-1/2".   View   #V29889

VICTORIAN jet pendant with painted lady portrait, 2".   View   #V25926


VICTORIAN jet hand painted child on porcelain brooch, 1-1/3".    View   #V29291   VICTORIAN hand painted child pendant, crack on front and repair on loop, 1-3/4".   View   #V27781    VICTORIAN jet with "Vagabond Boy" portrait on porcelain pierced earrings, 2".   View   View   #V27912


VICTORIAN jet brooch with inset hand painted porcelain "Tyrolean boy", 1-3/4".   View   #V29224

VICTORIAN vulcanite pendant with hand painted porcelain pink "Tyrolean boy" portrait, 2-5/8".   View   #V29161

VICTORIAN vulcanite green boy pendant, 2-5/8".   View   #V28876





VICTORIAN jet teardrop pendant with transfer and hand detailed Gypsy boy portrait, one tiny flea bite visible only from back, 2" with 3/4" loop.   View   View   #V31804



VICTORIAN painted cherub portrait on porcelain with hair compartment on the back, 1-3/4" by 1-1/4". Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio, 1483-1520) was a great, late Renaissance Italian artist. Raphael's Cherub is part of his early 1500s Sistine Chapel murals in the Vatican. Many Victorian pieces were made with this as their inspiration, including this one.  View   View   #V29914
VICTORIAN jet cherub 1-7/8" by 1-1/2" locket with photo and hair on back suspended on a 20" faceted French jet glass beads chain. Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio, 1483-1520) was a great, late Renaissance Italian artist. Raphael's Cherub is part of his early 1500s Sistine Chapel murals in the Vatican. Many Victorian pieces were made with this as their inspiration, including this one. A similar piece can be seen on page 167 of Bell's "Collecting Victorian Jewelry".     View   View   #V29917  CHERUB hand painted painted cherub buckle, 2-1/2".  View   #i26388


         ENAMEL MINIATURE PORTRAIT lady of fashion painted on porcelain 2 3/4 pin, w/safety chain, hinged c-clasp, tests at least 14k.   #V12530

   ENAMEL MINIATURE PORTRAIT lady in blue painted on porcelain. This pin with safety chain and a hinged c-clasp is set in a 9c gold scalloped frame, 2 1/4" tall.   #V12529

ENAMEL MINIATURE BOY 2 1/8 x1 3/4" portrait pin painted on porcelain, set in jet. The back has a hinged c-clasp, circa 1870.  View  #V12532  


        MADONNA and child painted portrait brooch in a twisted and enameled frame. Painted after Raphel's "The Madonna of the Chair".

   ENAMELED religious picture set in 18k gold with blue stones.  View    View    View    View    View 

  VICTORIAN enameled picture of a lady brooch.  View   #V15671


  HAND PAINTED lady with floral cape brooch,  marked "TA Made in England" , 1-3/4".  View   View  #Y26454    $96.00  USD

     VICTORIAN transfer and hand painted lady picking roses brooch set in twisted gold framed brooch with safety, 2-1/4".  View   View  #V26081 

PORTRAIT marked "TA Made in England" hand painted portrait pin, lady dressed in 1800's fashions, 2-1/3".   View   View   View   #V25991



     These settings have a Victorian or Czech style, and are highly collectible. Brooches are more common, and earrings more difficult to find. Pieces with multiple portraits are also more rare.



PORTRAIT BROOCH set in mother-of-pearl 1-5/8 inch brooch.   View     #V16362          CZECH style brooch with four portraits on porcelain set in gold tone with red rhinestones, 4".   View   View   View   #X27676    VICTORIAN 18k yellow gold portrait pierced earrings, pendant portion 1-1/3".   View   View   #V27338


      PORTRAIT 16-1/2" necklace with oval porcelain transfer portrait.  View   View   #Z21237

VICTORIAN painted portrait brooch in a twisted gold tone frame, 1-1/2".   View  #V16063 

   CZECH porcelain portrait screw back earrings, 2-1/3".  View   View   #Q24872


   VICTORIAN portraits on porcelain. The bezel set square brooch is 2"; the oval bezel set brooch is 1-3/4" and may be worn as a brooch or pendant;  and the bracelet is 7" long with 4 different portraits, each separated by enamel and real seed pearls. None of the porcelains are signed.
Courtesy of Molly Garza

                VICTORIAN portrait earrings.  View   View   #V18695

  CZECH green glass and enameled portrait necklace with artificial pearl accents.   #Q24516  


      HINGED gold tone bangle 7" b y 1" bracelet with porcelain portrait on the front.   View   #V17805 

   LALIQUE designed French World War I medal pendant, struck for donors to an orphanage for war orphans.   View   View   #XJK

   CZECH orange glass and enameled portrait necklace with artificial pearl accents.  #Q2731      


   STERLING Art Nouveau 2" embossed face brooch.  View   View  #Q17486

   STERLING silver embossed Gibson girl with golf club brooch, pierced star mark on back, 2-1/4".  View   #Q25874   

   STERLING lady embossed face 1" pendant on 18" chain  View   #Q21848



    Some mid-twentieth century costume pieces were fashioned around European portrait miniatures, such as those shown below. Hand painted in either watercolors or oils on ivory or celluloid, they are a delicate reminder of times and fashions past.


  ROSENSTEIN did an entire series of portrait pieces...  View  #X22409

  .... and these are just some of several examples.  View    #X11708

  ROSENSTEIN sterling vermeil and clear rhinestones hand painted Degas-style ballerina brooch, 1-5/8".  View  #X22135


 ROSENSTEIN portrait pendant.   #X13719

  HASKELL/VRBA this fabulous portrait pin was made for a Broadway play by Larry Vrba when he was the designer for Miriam Haskell Jewelry. There was more regal-looking jewelry made for the same play, and I dream of finding other pieces.    View   View   #H10012

  FLORENZA portrait brooch/frame. The portrait is the same subject as the Haskell/Vrba brooch at the right.    View   #X21469


   HOBE  portrait 2-1/4" pin and earrings with purple rhinestones, lady in pastel blue.  View   #O11670

   HOBE portrait ring with green rhinestone surround.    #O11606 

    ROBERT  hand painted portrait pin, 2".  View   #R25207


    ROSENSTEIN hand painted portrait brooch in gold tone with artificial pearls and clear rhinestones.   View   View  #X26514    ROSENSTEIN portrait enameled on metal set in gold tone with clear rhinestones brooch, 2-3/4".   View   #X27683     



    In the early to mid-twentieth century portrait jewelry was often hand painted on porcelain disks in the same style as china painting. Like china painting, some artists had much greater skill than others in capturing a likeness as can be seen in the examples below.



   PORTRAIT painted on porcelain of a caped lady.   View   View   #Y20096

  PORTRAIT hand detailed transfer portrait brooch, 2-1/8".   View   #Q27594 

   PAINTED lady 2" porcelain brooch.   View   #Y21920


  HAND PAINTED portrait of a lady in her best hat, 2".   View   #Y26396  

      PORTRAIT painted on porcelain of a lady with pink roses in her hair and at her bodice.  #Y10512

   PORTRAIT painted on porcelain of a lady with pink roses in her hair.   View  #Y18821



    Twentieth century portrait jewelry was sometimes printed rather than hand painted, and while these pieces are lovely, the value and rarity is not the same as the pieces that are hand done.



      FLORENZA portrait brooch/pendant in textured gold tone setting with flower and leaf design, 2". View   #L24823

     FLORENZA 2" portrait locket pendant on 22" chain and 1-1/8" earrings.  View   #L24837

   ART  2" portrait pin with ornate gold tone setting.   View   #X24621


    STERLING and marcasite brooch with a gypsy portrait.   View   View   View   View   #YBB2
Courtesy of Bobbi Brown

   KARU portrait brooch in gold tone filigree setting.  View   View   View   #X15253

PORTRAIT brooch in filigree style setting.   View   #Y19764  



               BUTTERFLY wing portrait brooch set in sterling.   #Ybfly

    COVENTRY Mona Lisa 1-5/8" portrait pin.  View   #X24714 



Given and worn as a token of love and remembrance, photographic jewelry documents history and personality as well as family ties. When photography was invented, the art of hand painting miniature portraits for jewelry became less common in favor of photographic pieces.

Photography was an invention of the Victorian era, and photographic jewelry represented a permanent way to document beloved friends and family. Since the opportunity to be photographed was not as prevalent as it is now, a photo was a precious thing. Worn as brooches, cufflinks and pendants, these faces from the past were most often mounted in non-precious metals under crystal or celluloid covers for protection.

Collectors especially appreciate pictures of lovely women and children, Civil War soldiers and subjects wearing interesting clothing or jewelry. Here again, the addition of engraving, especially dates and love messages, makes the piece more interesting.



Great Aunt Mary and my Grandmother Agnes as young girls, circa 1890's.   View   

  My favorite Aunt Sissie in her white lawn high-necked Edwardian blouse, circa 1910.   View

   Photo brooch of three of my Victorian-era mustachioed uncles.   View 


  My very bearded great great grandfather, circa 1870.   View   

   The photos of these two unidentified gentlemen were made into cuff links. I assume that they were probably brothers.  View

  VICTORIAN 1-3/4 inch hair and photo memorial swivel brooch. Now this is the original odd couple, and  I love these unusual ones! The back compartment contains very blond hair.   View    #V18650  





VICTORIAN carte de viste of a lady wearing a photo brooch of a man in a gold and black enameled frame and a narrow chain that wraps tightly around her neck and then hangs down long, probably to her waist or slightly below. Marked on the back, "Geo. F. Klein, 288 West Madison St, Chicago", 2-1/2" by 4-1/8".   View   View





    VICTORIAN vulcanite locket with fuchsia flowers, 4 photo compartments, 2-1/8".  View   #V25284

VICTORIAN vulcanite 2" locket on 4-1/2" of chain.    View   View  #V25357

   VICTORIAN vulcanite locket in ornate shield motif, 3-1/4".  View   #V25285


  VICTORIAN photo brooch in gold filled frame showing a lovely lady wearing her fanciest hat, 2".  View   #V25999

   VICTORIAN hand-colored photo brooch set in silver. Note the pendant watch she wears.  View   #V16809

  PHOTOGRAPH multi-colored enamel photo portrait brooch signed on the back and dated 1903.   View   #V23944  


   HEART-shaped 1-1/2" locket engraved "MLK" with charming photos of a couple inside. The chain is 16" long.  View   View   #Y21474

 VICTORIAN round glass locket with star motif, ruby and pearls, 1-1/2", on 10k yellow gold 19" newer chain.  View   #V26680

GRADUATE photo brooch.   #Y16426     


SILVER frame/brooch circa 1930.  View #Q16810  

   SOLDIER photo pin, probably given to a sweetheart, as enameled forget-me-nots surround the frame.   #V16405

     VICTORIAN 1-7/16" photo pin of a charming little girl.   View  #V18686


            HOBE cameo locket on a chain with photos inside.  View   View   #O20244    



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