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~1906 Catalogue
~Daniel Low & Co.
ewelry & Sterling
A Catalogue of Wares in Solid
Gold and Sterling Silver
Salem, Mass.
Established 1867
Older catalogues shed light on the jewelry and accessories of times past. Illustrations date the items we collect and enjoy today, and help us understand how these lovely things were worn and used. 
It is also interesting to see how these accessories were priced over 100 years ago.  Where possible, we have added pictures of the items illustrated in the catalogue.
Originally a local jewelry shop, by the late 1800's, Daniel Low & Co. was distributing their gifts catalogue and selling nationally via mail order.


  Necklaces and lavalieres.

        GOLD TONE Victorian style gold tone necklace 17" by 5/8".   View   View   View   #Q29780  Necklaces and lavalieres in Edwardian and Art Nouveau styles.

  EDWARDIAN 10K and seed pearl delicate Edwardian 16" necklace. View   View   #Q20325 LAVALIERE 10k yellow gold set with sapphires, diamond and pearls.   #Q22925
 LAVALIERE of 10k yellow gold set with ruby and pearls. #Q22924



SOLID 14k gold jewelry with genuine topaz, baroque pearl, amethyst, turquoise, peridot, aquamarine ruby and diamond stones.

10K YELLOW GOLD Edwardian lavaliere with aqua Persian turquoise center stone and seed pearls with fresh water pearl dangle, 1-1/4". The box it came to me in has a note in an old turn-of-the-century script.   View   View   View   View   #Q29656      SOLID 14k gold and platinum with citrine, baroque pearl and diamond necklaces. Some may be detached and worn as brooches.

SOLID 14k gold and platinum with baroque pearl and diamond necklaces.



DIAMOND brooches, new moons and crescents with diamonds and pearls set in 14k gold.

      Seed pearl starburst brooch with pendant loop, set in 14k yellow gold, circa 1900. Seed pearl jewelry.  #Q22923  FINE diamond brooches in the newest designs, some of which have a pendant loop at the top. Diamonds set in 14k gold. "We can set your diamonds in any of these settings." Designs include fleur-de-lis, starbursts, bows, chatelaines, branches and circles.

   14k EDWARDIAN  starburst brooch/pendant set with clear rhinestones, 1-1/4".   View  #V23367   


 FINE ENAMELED clover, violet and pansy brooches. All solid 14k gold in the richest most natural colors, some with a new and delicate shade of translucent enameling.

     14k ENAMELED and pearl 1-1/8" violet pin, marked on the catch with an arrow through a heart mark, circa 1910. This pin has very slight enamel loss.   View  #Q11738 PEARL brooches and pendants set in 14k gold. Flowers, crowns, lucky horseshoes, wreaths, starbursts, fleur de lis and Art Nouveau designs.

    ENAMELED and pearl flower 1-1/8" pin and matching 1-1/8" earrings.  View   View   #Q14507


STERLING silver brooches and chatelaines.   View

      SILVER marked "F&B 800" winged cupid brooch circa 1910, 1-1/3". See similar piece in Romero's Warman's Jewelry, Ed. 3 page 115.   View   #N28910 14k FINE gold enameled brooches.

  ENAMELED 14k violet pin with seed pearl, 2/3". The tip of one flower petal has a tiny enamel loss.  View   #Q10025    View group  EDWARDIAN 10k yellow gold delicately enameled watch brooch with seed pearls and blue stone, circa 1900, 1-1/8".   View  #Q28688


SOLID 14k gold bangles with genuine stones and padlock bracelets.

       14k floral engraved bangle with amethyst colored stones,  6-5/8" inside 7-16" wide.   View   View    #V23355
VICTORIAN 1" heart and key clasp embossed links 7" bracelet, circa1880.   #V27351  
MOUNTINGS all 14k gold of finest workmanship.

  ART NOUVEAU enameled watch pin with baroque pearl and diamond.  View   #Q25030 
14k ENAMELED 7/8" poppy pin. View   #Q12735


PEARL and diamond brooches and pendants.

SEED PEARL Edwardian brooches.
14k gold crosses, hearts, lockets and pendants with genuine stones including amethysts, topaz and pearls. "Within a comparatively short time the wearing of crosses has come to be almost a general custom."

   14k enameled pink and soft yellow flower and seed pearl bar pin, 1-5/16". Circa 1910.  View   #G23230
14K EDWARDIAN yellow gold lover's know pin with pearl center circa 1900, 7/8"  View   View  #Q28567



STERLING silver brooches with gold finish and baroque pearls.

GOLD intricately framed purple faceted stone brooch with trombone catch and flip-up loop for a chain.   View   #Q25293 FINE amethyst brooches in 14k gold settings.

 VICTORIAN long oval yellow rhinestone set in yellow gold filled brooch, 1-3/4".   View   #V29480


SOLID 14k gold handy pins.

     EDWARDIAN gold tone bar pin with seed pearls, 1-1/8". View #Q25834
EDWARDIAN 14k yellow gold, pearl and diamond bar pin, 1-1/4". #Q27587
14k HANDY pins.

EDWARDIAN 10k yellow gold bar pin with sapphires and seed pearls, 1-1/2". View #Q26650
 VICTORIAN sterling, black enamel and seed pearl bar pin, hallmarked, 1-1/2".  View   View  #V28865


  14k GOLD lockets and pendants.
Daniel Low 1906 Catalogue.

    GOLD TONE embossed violets round locket with rhinestones.    View   View   View   #Y3682 SOLID 10k gold fobs, buckles and lockets.
Daniel Low 1906 Catalogue.

HEART locket in silver, an unusually large size with lock of hair and faded photo inside, as is with minor wear, 2".  View   #Y25837 


14k GOLD long chains, slides and men's chains. "Our chains have every link soldered, making them strong and durable".

     LORGNETTE chain, F&C Co gold filled 48" chain with 1/3" seed pearl slide, circa 1900.   View   #Q25386 14k GOLD brooches and long chains; 14k bead necklaces; 14k collar spreaders and 14k gold neck chains.

ART NOUVEAU gold watch pin with engraved initials, marked on back.   View   #Q22049


  GOLD fobs with bar chains and top swivels on ribbons. Stones include bloodstone, seals and monograms.

       VICTORIAN 9 carat 1-1/8" flip fob of agate and carnelian on a 16" chain.   View   #V23421 STERLING fobs.

ART NOUVEAU gold tone fob of graduated disks with lady faces motif, 4-5/8" with 5" chain.   View   View    #V28384  


14k GOLD hat pins, safety pins and scarf pins.

     14k GOLD scarf pins. STICKPIN 10k yellow gold knot motif with illegible hall mark, 1/2" and 2-1/3".   #V27849
EDWARDIAN 14k stickpin with diamonds set in a flower design, 2-1/3" with 3/8" head.   #Q29661

STERLING silver brooches and chatelaines.


14k SPRING back studs, tie holders and cuff links.

      GOLD ladies cuff links with Grandmother's initials, "AJK" and beaded edge, circa 1910. GOLD links and collar buttons.



FINE sterling silver frames.

 VICTORIAN sterling hallmarked "R.P." scroll embossed oval photo frame circa 1902, 3-1/8" by 2-1/2".   View   #a28615      STERLING silver sewing items for the work basket.

STERLING glove darner with loop, 4-1/3", circa 1900.   #A50358  
STERLING bodkin/needle with floral embossed design, 3-1/4". #A50356


  ARTICLES in solid 14k gold.

STERLING silver card cases and purses.   STERLING purse with repousse violets motif and chain handle, engraved on the back "DWM", 3-5/8" by 3".   View   View   View    View  #a5481

STERLING desk, dresser and sewing accessories.


STERLING dresser set. "He Loves Me'.

  STERLING brushes with repousse carnations motif and engraved initials "RRM", 4-1/2".   View   #A4583       STERLING dresser sets. "The Wilhelmina, The Evangeline, The Duchesse and Les Saisons".

  STERLING Art Nouveau roses and daisies motif pocket mirror, 4".  View   #a7060


 MASONIC pin with a carved moon face and a blue enameled "G", engraved "Master 1913, Charles H. Lipscomb, Mt. Pisgah Lodge No. 96, Cripple Creek, Colo." and a maker's mark "WC?", in it's original case, 4" by 1-3/4"    View   View   View   View 

    SECRET order emblems in solid 14k gold. Eastern Star, Odd Fellows, Masonic, Elks, Order of Eagles, Knight Templar, Mystic Shrine and Knights of Pythias.   VICTORIAN karat yellow gold with black and white enamel pin engraved "JC PINSON, Texas, KT, Stamford Commandery", 2-1/4 by 1-1/4". View #V26827

Salesmen's sample signet rings marked W&W for Warren & Williams, 36 Garnet St., Providence,  Rhode Island. Rainwater page 249 says they were ring manufacturers circa 1904-1912, but they are also on page 89 of "Trademarks" published by the Jewelers Circular Publishing Company in 1915.   View   View   #Q28758



 DIAMOND and other precious stone rings.

14 KARAT baby ring with Persian turquoise and seed pearls, size 2-3/4.   #G23828   SOLID 14k gold rings with ruby, emerald, pearl, opal, amethyst or garnet.

FINE diamond set in 14k gold rings.



   14 K yellow gold heavy signet ring engraved "D/C/G ?", size 9, measures 11/16" across the face.  View   #G23362     BABY, Misses and boys rings.

   EDWARDIAN 15ct band with gypsy set ruby and diamonds, circa 1900, size 7-1/4.   View   View   #G23407
14K yellow gold band with 5 diamonds, circa 1910, size 7-1/4.   View   #G26584



  SOLID gold finger rings. 14k GOLD ruby, sapphire, emerald, opal, amethyst and garnet rings.

 SOLID gold finger rings.   14k OPAL and diamonds ring size 7, 5/8" long and with fabulous coloring.   #G23354
PEARL cross-over ring, circa 1910.    #Gco

DIAMOND and other precious stone rings.


NOTE: According to Dorothy T. Rainwater's book  "American Jewelry Manufacturers", the Daniel Low Company was established in 1867, and they began as a little jewelry shop. Says Rainwater, "Daniel Low was largely responsible for the spread of the souvenir spoon craze." He published his first catalogue in 1893.


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TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
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