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Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry presents

Costume Jewelry Magazine



Victorian Ladies
and their


Creative, flamboyant, comprised of everything from fabric to real stuffed birds.... those stylish Victorian ladies loved their bonnets!



  VICTORIAN lady wearing a hat decorated with ostrich feathers. Cabinet card with no markings.

   VICTORIAN lady wearing a hat with feathers and a rhinestone buckle, as well as artificial flowers on her bodice. Photo mounted on heavy cardboard with embossed frame design, 4-1/2" by 9-1/4".

   VICTORIAN lady with fancy feathered hate and gold bar pin. Carte de viste marked "Peterson & Co., Tracy, Minn.".

TURN-OF-THE-CENTURY lady in wide brimmed hat with heat curled feathers.


    VICTORIAN lady wearing a broad brimmed hat with sailor style outfit. Size 3-1/3" by 5-1/2" marked "Kopke, 479 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY, established 1880" and hand written date 1902.

VICTORIAN sophisticated lady in fur coat and feathered headpiece.

  VICTORIAN lady wearing a feathered hat and a locket. Oval photograph size 6-1/4" by 4-1/4" marked in pencil on the back, "Esther Danielson".   View

VICTORIAN lady in elaborate hat, lace collar and cuffs and puffed-sleeve dress.


VICTORIAN black bonnet with velvet bows and ties and beadwork top.  View   View   View   View   View   #V22307

   VICTORIAN lady wearing a beaded caplet, flowered bonnet and carrying her fan. On the table next to her is a figurine of a child with a bird. Cabinet Card size 4" by 6", hand written in ink on the back "Mary (Mrs. Joseph) Larkin" and "C. Durheim, Artist, Paxton, Ill.".

  VICTORIAN black fabric bonnet with bugle beads, netting, flowers, note "Mama's bonnet made by L.P.M." , 13" around band, 3-1/;2" brim.   View   View   View   View   View   #V28602

   VICTORIAN lady wearing a fur trimmed jacket and feathered bonnet. Cabinet card marked "F. Glenton, Nashua, New Hamp.".


  VICTORIAN lady wearing hat with feathers and cut steel crescent buckle. Photo on board size 2-3/4" by 2-1/3", marked "Ragu, 4500 Easton Ave."

VICTORIAN lady in hat of many feathers.

  VICTORIAN lady in lovely feathered hat. Photo is 6" by 8", deckled edge and mounted behind tissue in an embossed folder from "F. A. Webster, Oakland, Cal.". Signed in pencil "Webster, 1902". 

VICTORIAN lady in feathered hat and wearing crossed ribbon choker with a pin at the center and a flower corsage.   View


 VICTORIAN lady, who's stylish hat and a fan with an oriental motif accessorize this costume.

VICTORIAN lady wearing pince nez spectacles, an elaborate hat and elegant stand-up collar and high-necked blouse with brooch.

VICTORIAN lady with broad brimmed hat and scarf, ruffle shouldered dress with belt buckle, long chain and Arts & Crafts purse.

VICTORIAN lady wearing a fashionable outfit including fringed cape.   View


VICTORIAN lady in hat and winter coat carrying her muff.

REMARKABLE large photo of a group of ladies in fancy dress. They are wearing their most elaborate bonnets, hats and dresses, as well as high-laced boots, fans, purses and baskets. Their jewelry includes rings worn over a glove, fobs, hair brooches, bracelets, spectacle chains, earrings, slide chains, bracelets and lockets. Note the lady 3rd from the left who carries a beaded bag with a palm tree motif and the lady 4th from the left dresses in a much shorter dress than the others and wearing masculine clothing.

VICTORIAN lady in ruffled hat and feather boa.

VICTORIAN lady photo with "Agnes Falls" penned at the top. She wears necklaces, long chains, and lovely laced dress, elbow length gloves and a feathered hat.


VICTORIAN ladies and their hats and purses.

VICTORIAN lady with umbrella ad holding a hat.

  VICTORIAN lady wearing a 3/4 length coat/cape, a fur muff and fancy hat. Notice that on the table beside her is a stereopticon with pictures in it. This carte de viste is marked on the back "D. Bangs, Photographer, Sleepy Eye, Minn. in a fancy design, 2-1/2" by 4-1/4".    View   View  

VICTORIAN girl in white dress, black hat with white feathers.  


VICTORIAN carte de visite of a lady wearing a French jet star in her hair and a three-strand faceted jet beads necklace with a black ribbon around her neck from which suspends a vulcanite pendant, black earrings.  "Sarony & Co., Sarony Square, Scarborough", 2-1/2" by 4".   View   View   #Vkph38

.VICTORIAN carte de visite of a lady wearing jet bracelets and earrings and fancy cap circa 1880, 2-1/2" by 4". The name "Nessie" is penciled on the back. "Patronized by Her Majesty the Queen, Henry Knight, St. Leonards on Sea".  View   #Vkph36

COSTUMED lady with dog collar necklace and fancy hat

VICTORIAN carte de visite of a lady wearing a large cameo and a long chain, 2-1/2" by 4". "Lawrie & Mitchell, 25 North Bridge, Edinburgh".   View   View   #Vkph31


VICTORIAN carte de visite of a lady wearing a fancy hat, carved jet brooch and finger ring, 2-1/2" by 4". "Alexander Watt, Dundee".   View   #Vkph33

VICTORIAN carte de visite of a lady wearing earrings and a locket on a chain as well as a long chain, 2-1/2" by 4". "Arthur J. Melbuish, London".   View   View   #Vkph32

VICTORIAN carte de visite of a lady wearing a dramatic feather hat. three strands of jet beads and a black agate with cross brooch, 2-1/2" by 4".  View   View   View   #Vkph26

VICTORIAN carte de visite of a lady wearing a jet knot brooch, long chain and finger rings. "photographed by Wlater Tully, Glastonbury", 2-1/2" by 4".   View   View   #Vkph44



VICTORIAN small photography of a lady in a fancy hat, 2-1/2" by 3-1/2". Photographer Jenner & Co.    #Vnph5

VICTORIAN carte de visite of a lady wearing feathered hat and rhinestone brooch, 2-1/2" by 4". Marked on back, "P. Hudson, Photographer, Paragon Street, Hull".  View   View   #Vkph4

VICTORIAN photograph of a lady wearing a wide-brimmed hat trimmed with fabric flowers.  #Vphot22



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TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
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