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Welcome to the beauty, history and art that is vintage jewelry. We buy and sell vintage rhinestone, costume, designer, bakelite, and antique Georgian & Victorian jewelry, sterling, and accessories.
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For those who really love their jewelry on the dramatic side, the bigger the better! Colorful, attention riveting, and fun to wear, these pieces are the joy and delight of jewelry lovers with LOTS of showmanship. 

Thanks to all the collectors who shared their giant treasures!



CINER jonquil rhinestone pave huge 6-1/2 inch flower spray all set in gold tone! Circa 1996.  View   View   #K15835
Jane Clarke 

Larry VRBA made this huge 8" brooch in the likeness of my Morning Glory logo. Need I say it is one of my all-time favorites? It is so three-dimensional that it's almost impossible to photograph well.   #K20122
Jane Clarke

   MAZER 7-1/3" brooch jointd in three places with invisibly set green glass leaves, rhinestone leaves and faux pearls. This fabulous design is attached with a PINBACK at the top, and a small HOOK at the bottom for stability and flexibility in positioning.   View   View
Courtesy of Deb C

   VRBA pastel rhinestone flower corsage pin, bangle and earrings. This set is quite large, with an 8" hinged bangle, a 5" bouquet brooch and 2-1/2" earrings.   View    View    View    View    View    View    View   #K15841
Jane Clarke


IRADJ MOINI 10" parrot brooch.
Valerie Gedzuin

Bettina Von WALHOFF parrot, 8 1/4".
Valerie Gedzuin

IRADJ MOINI 6" flower spray brooch.
Valerie Gedzuin

Bettina Von WALHOFF 8" rhinestone lobster brooch.
Valerie Gedzuin

Valerie says that when it comes to really big jewelry, "Well, I can definitely participate... I won't wear a brooch under 4 inches.  Here are some of my larger ones.  I also have a David Mandel mermaid that is 14 inches long, he had to make it in 2 pieces." 
Valerie Gedzuin of "Best of the Old ... Best of the New"


VRBA 6" lit candles in evergreens brooch in lush rich reds and greens with clear rhinestone candles and topaz-colored flames.  View  #K20423

    VRBA big beautiful bold 6" bow brooch! A symphony of color and shape, with lots of rhinestones and cabochons to decorate it.    View   #K16447

   CATALANO multi-colored cabochon and rhinestone dragonfly brooch, 7-1/2" by 5".
Courtesy of Barbara Wood

  This is a Christian LACROIX necklace and earclips.  Pendant part of the necklace measures 5-3/4" x 3-1/2".  Earclips are 1-7/8".
Barbara Wood


Herve Van der Straeten handmade 7 1/4" by 3" brooch.
Pat Seal 

Side view.

TRIFARI blue poured glass petals and blue rhinestones 5 5/8" by 3 1/8" brooch and earrings.
Adrienne Shivers

Shaft of WHEAT - silver and gold tone-one piece - Pat.206695? - 7 1/4" long
Linda Kent


  LARRY VRBA BOUQUET huge 6" pin & 1-1/2" earrings set done in two-tone poured glass, faceted crystals and rhinestones… FABULOUS!  View   #K16442

BULLDOG brooch is 4" long and 3" wide.
Cathy Gordon

VRBA grapes brooch 6" brooch.
Cathy Gordon

This is a 5'' rose gold-washed Sterling brooch by WILCOX, the people who made the coffee and tea services (but very few pieces of jewelry.) It is set with moonstones and dates from the 1940s.
Suzanne "Benji" Benjamin


Regina pin measures 6-1/2" by 3".  View back
Barbara Wood

Bettina Von Walhoff Fox that measures 7" by 3-1/2"  The head trembles.
Barbara Wood

Bettina Von Walhoff monkey pin that measures 8-1/2" by 3-1/2" and the head trembles.
Barbara Wood

AAIRKA it is a 4-1/4" by 4-1/4" sterling brooch with hanging wooden balls.  A favorite of mine.
Barbara Wood


BEADED NECKLACE  Each strand of dangle is 2" long.  All the beads are glass so it is very heavy.  There is one row of crystal rhinestones around the neck.  View
Bobye Syverson

HUGE purple rhinestone set... it also includes 3-1/2" long earrings now shown in this picture.
Bobye Syverson

These are huge rhinestones, and the necklace is the size of a necktie!
Bobye Syverson

SNAKE brooch in green rhinestones, This snake is 5" long and 2" wide at the widest part. It is a copy but I love it .
Faye Benzon


Gigantic FLOWER and leaves rhinestone pin. It measures 6 1/2" by 3"

BAUER parrot pin, 16" long from the top of his head to the end of his fringed tail feathers!
Pam Wiggins  

David MANDEL Snowman... it is over 5 1/2" by 3".

ANKA Christmas tree 9" brooch.
Kathy Flood


A showpiece 7-1/2" long and 6" wide floral brooch. The flowers turn and have red crystals on the outside, smaller green crystals on the inside and a big round crystal in the center. I was told this piece
might have been made for a Broadway show.  Looks big enough to be true.
Davida Baron

This BROOCH is 6-3/4  long and 4" wide, and a mixture of pearls and crystals. I believe it's from the 20's and European ... maybe French. The center flower is a trembler.
Davida Baron

David MANDEL Lobster pin.  It is 12" long and 6" wide.  When I wear this ... I am definitely noticed.  And yes ... it's good enough to eat. 
Davida Baron

 REPRODUCTION "Eisenberg Original" faux pearl and enamel parrot pin, 6-1/2". A fake, but a really fun one!  #r18395
Bobye Syverson and Jane Clarke


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TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
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PLEASE NOTE: Regretfully, it is no longer possible to respond to individual questions regarding jewelry history, identification or value, or to offer written or verbal appraisals or opinions. The demand for this kind of information is absolutely too overwhelming for one dealer to fill. 
I love jewelry, but appraising and selling are two entirely different businesses, and I choose selling and research as my business.

Instead, articles are added on a regular basis to JEWEL CHAT on line Magazine, a wonderful reference for  information on many makers and styles of vintage jewelry. 
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