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Welcome to the beauty, history and art that is vintage jewelry. We buy and sell vintage rhinestone, costume, designer, bakelite, and antique Georgian & Victorian jewelry, sterling, and accessories.
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We work constantly to offer extensive jewelry research, pictures and information on our reference site " Jewel Chat " and gallery " Morning Glory Collects ". 
We share our reference material free of charge and work hard to make it accurate, but as with any research, mistakes can be made. We are not responsible for the use you make of the information here or the honest mistakes that may occur from time to time.
We do not offer identification, valuation or appraisal services. 

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Jewelry Definitions



  GARNET CABOCHON ring with embossed sides. Cabochons are smooth, not faceted, stones. Garnet cabochons were also called CARBUNCLES in the 1800's.  View   View  The two BROWN stones toward the top of the brooch shown are called CABOCHONS, as they are smoothly rounded domes with no facets. The orange and green stones are FACETED, like a diamond would be.   PURPLE, pink and blue FACETED rhinestones in TEARDROP and MARQUIS shapes.


   RETRO sterling vermeil brooch with purple rhinestone CUSHION CUT center.    JOSEFF hand holding a bouquet brooch with SQUARE multi-colored rhinestones which are COLLETTE or BEZEL set..   PINK MOONGLOW Lucite cabochons feather brooch with black ENAMELING.   View


  AURORA BOREALIS rhinestones in three colors. Aurora borealis stones have an iridescent finish, and this process was developed circa 1953.   DECO clear rhinestone rectangular brooch. These clear long rectangular rhinestones are called BAGUETTES.    TRIFARI pink and aqua DEMI-LUNE rhinestone bracelets. Demi-lunes are shaped like half moons or half circles.


   PINK MARGARITAS or marguerites set in gold tone1-3/4" round brooch. Margaritas have scalloped edges, and are made both with and without a center hole.  View   GREEN RIVOLI stones have facets that extend from the center of the stone to the outside edges in an even fashion. Rivolis do not have scalloped edges. LAVENDER Juliana "crinkle" art glass, rhinestone and aurora borealis earring.  
 PINK "crinkle" stones, possibly called "marquis
buff top doublets (pointed bottom and cabochon top) with a textured surface" aurora and rhinestones bracelet and earrings.


   JULIANA style unsigned gold tone hinged bangle with pink, green and blue striped rhinestones (called IRIS stones), one with an inset rhinestone, several with multiple decorative prongs,  6-3/4" by 1-3/4" front.  View   View   #J28245

      JULIANA style unsigned gold tone HINGED BANGLE with red, purple and peacock rhinestones, margarites and rivoli, 6-3/4" by 1-3/4" front. This bracelet opens on one side to slip over the wrist.   View   View   #J28246 

     JULIANA style unsigned gold tone COIL BRACELET with green and topaz rhinestones and margarites, adjustable 7-1/2" to 8", 2-1/3" front. A coil is not hinged, but slips on like a spring.  View   #J28243 


 JULIANA style watermelon VITRIAL MEDIUM larger oval stones, green with pink highlights, and green and aurora rhinestone accents brooch, 1-3/4".   View   #J27445 

    JULIANA style BERMUDA BLUE larger blue, aqua and green oval rhinestones with  faceted beads and rhinestones brooch, 2-1/3".   View   #J26900

   JULIANA style gold tone hinged bangle with two large rhinestones that are called WATERMELON or CUBA stones, with blended transparent colors in the same stone.


 A GIVRE (or paperweight) stone is a transparent colored rhinestone or bead with "ribbons" of opaque swirling through it. The ribbon is often white in color. This Brooch has Givré stones as the top five large oval stones and the drop shown.    TRIFARI red, blue and green 2-1/4" FRUIT SALAD pot of flowers fur clip, circa 1941.  View  #T12543   PINK and clear UNFOILED rhinestones bracelet and screw-back earrings. Unfoiled stones are transparent, with no foil backing.


  STERLING bar brooch and a   REGENCY bracelet with SAPHIRET (also called SAPPHIRINES) brown/blue oval rhinestone cabochons. Saphiret glass was made in the Bohemian city of Gablonz, Czechoslovakia, in the mid-19th century. It was made by mixing melted gold into sapphire-colored glass. Some can be seen in the book, "Baubles, Buttons & Beads- the Heritage of Bohemia" by Sibylle Jargstorf, page 139.    The three oval shaped center stones in this crescent brooch are called OVAL MATTE PILLOW rhinestones.    JULIANA style set of black and golden-colored ART GLASS cabochon center stones, aurora borealis and black glass beads.   View   View   


      SCHREINER NY aqua KEYSTONES, lavender cabochons accents and art glass center ruffle brooch, 3-1/4" by 2-3/4". Keystones are long narrow stones that are a bit wider at one end than the other.   View   #S29401       GREEN ARROW SHAPED and aurora borealis, rhinestone and aurora borealis 7" by 1" bracelet, 2-1/2" brooch and 1-1/8" earrings.   View   View   View   View   #J27959      JULIANA style glass REVERSE INTAGLIO cameo brooch with red and clear rhinestones and pendant loop on the back, 2-1/3". A reverse intaglio is carved into transparent or translucent stone or glass from the back as opposed to carving from the front like a cameo.   View   #J27958 


Trifari briolette jewelry
"Round faceted stones in golden or platinum toned Trifanium with sapphire, Golden toned Trifanium with crystal, fuchsia, topaz, jet or olivene."

TRIFARI fuchsia "BRIOLETTE" set.
Courtesy of Janet Lawwill

  TRIFARI OLIVINE BRIOLETTE brushed gold tone nosegay pin with faceted crystals, 2" long and lovely, circa 1966.   View   #T16648


  TRIFARI BRUSHED FINISH gold tone and rhinestone rose pin. View A brushed finish is textured as though a stiff brush had been dragged across it.   STERLING VERMEIL and clear rhinestones rose brooch. Sterling vermeil is a sterling piece with a gold wash over it.  View   MAZER clear rhinestone PAVE rose brooch. A piece that is pave has rhinestones set very closely in an area or areas.


GOLD PLATED electroplated gold coating. ROLLED GOLD a veneer of gold over base metal. GOLD FILLED gold laminated to base metal.


PINCHBECK is an alloy of zinc and copper used in jewelry of the 1800's to mimic karat yellow gold. SLIDE bracelet with enameled, seed pearl and diamond links all set into 14k yellow gold. A SLIDE BRACELET is made up of slides off long chains like the one shown at the left>>>> EDWARDIAN SLIDE or LONG CHAIN with watch enameled slide and watch or lorgnette hook at the end.  View   #V21748


   COROCRAFT DAY AND NIGHT blue cabochon and pave floral 4" brooch.  View  View. A "Day and night" brooch has a mechanism that allows it to be worn in more than one position.   #C20223

   The petals on the central flower OPEN and CLOSE around the center blue cabochon, giving the brooch a different look. The MECHANISM that allows this is amazingly complex. Day and night pieces can also be reversible, with a plainer side for day and a fancy side for night wear.  

  ENAMELED blue, yellow and red 3" bird TREMBLER brooch circa 1940.    View   View

 Springs allow the wings to tremble. Springs are often used to make flowers tremble on a floral brooch, too.


 SILVER tone FILIGREE hinged bangle with deep aqua center rhinestone and black and yellow enameling.   View     SILVER tone FILIGREE pendant with citrine-colored rhinestone.  View      DOVERCRAFT gold tone MESH band   bracelet with purple rhinestone center.  View   View   #X24207


      VICTORIAN round silver brooch with beaded edge, APPLIED SURFACE  layer of rose and yellow gold rose and leaf design, deep open hair compartment in the back with glass cover, c-catch and tube hinge, circa 1880, 1-1/3".    View   #V26458

   VICTORIAN silver oval brooch with BEADED EDGE and leaves and flowers motif, open hair compartment on back with no cover, c-catch and tube hinge, circa 1880, 1-5/8".   View   #V26456

     VICTORIAN round silver brooch with beaded edge, applied surface layer of rose and leaf design, deep OPEN HAIR COMPARTMENT on the back, c-catch and tube hinge, circa 1880, 1-1/3".    View   #V26410


  STERLING  LORGNETTE, eyeglasses in an attached decorative case with a spring-loaded latch, usually worn on a ribbon or long chain.   View   SILVER etched bird CHATELAINE HOOK with ruby eye, emerald and pearl collar. This would have hooked over a lady's belt to hold a purse.   View   Back view of  CHATELAINE HOOK.




   CHATELAINE PURSE Marked "F&N Co" inside., with a silver plated frame, silver faceted beads and a leather back, originally worn on a chatelaine or a hook at the belt, circa 1900, 5" by 8". A purse almost identical to this can be seen in Roseann Ettinger's "Handbags" on page 32.   View   View   View    

   GORHAM sterling purse CHATELAINE HOOK, 2-1/8".   View   View   View

Purse shown with CHATELAINE HOOK or belt clip attached.


  SILVER brooch, 2-1/8" with carved ROCK CRYSTAL center and MARCASITE accents, trombone catch.  View   View    CINER  Deco black enamel and marcasite LAPEL WATCH, which would be worn upside-down from how it is shown in the picture. It is hinged, so that the wearer could tip it up to read the time.   View   View     BAR PIN circa 1900 with five PEACOCK EYE stones. Peacock eyes are stones that simulate the eye of a peacock tail, and they are fashioned of blue-green cabochons with a silver foil backing.   


GREEN MOLDED GLASS leaf jewelry component.   View      Costume jewelry companies began using the "c in a circle" COPYRIGHT MARK in about 1955. PATENT PENDING mark



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TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
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PLEASE NOTE: Regretfully, it is no longer possible to respond to individual questions regarding jewelry history, identification or value, or to offer written or verbal appraisals or opinions. The demand for this kind of information is absolutely too overwhelming for one dealer to fill. 
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