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1934 to the 1970s
Note: DEROSA jewelry that is available for sale can be accessed HERE.


  Ralph DeRosa jewelry is known for its three-dimensional design, high quality components, and translucent enameling. Ralph DeRosa jewelry designs tend to be floral, figural, and retro motifs, and also from designs inspired by the precious jewelry of the era.  DeRosa jewelry is not easy to find but is certainly worth the search. Not many pieces of each style seem to have been made. This New York City firm made jewelry from the mid-1930's until the 1970's, but like many jewelry makers, their 1940's jewelry is the best.

Hand painted illustrations from the De Rosa Jewelry Company were the first step in the design process. These small pieces of art (most 5" by 7" or thereabouts) are from a collection of over 300 illustrations we own. Several are dated in the 1940's, and many have hand written notes about how each piece would be produced. They seem to have been done by several different artists, as the painting styles and designs vary. Where possible, finished jewelry pieces made from these or similar designs are also shown here. Many jewelry designers never worked on paper first, but for those who did, these illustrations are illuminating as to the thought processes and design sense that went into the jewelry itself. After years of collecting and selling this wonderful brand, I have found that the majority of their pieces were signed, so beware unsigned attributions where there is no material to substantiate them.

My thanks to the many jewelry lovers who have shared their De Rosa jewelry, both signed and unsigned examples. I have tried to match the actual jewelry with the closest illustrations and advertisements I currently own, and would be glad to received more De Rosa information to share on this page. I cannot confirm that all the unsigned pieces are indeed de Rosa, but comparisons to the illustrations are certainly interesting and has helped me identify several unsigned pieces.

Note: DEROSA jewelry that is available for sale can be accessed HERE.




DEROSA unsigned 2-1/2" fur clip with lavender enameled violets on a crystal circle.  View  #d21154

   De Rosa original art work design for the clip shown at right... the note at the bottom reads "violets", and the clip was indeed done in violets instead of the forget-me-nots originally illustrated.  #140 

  DeROSA bouquet of violets fur clip, 2-1/2 inches.    View   View   View   #d18705

      DeROSA matching violet earrings. 
View #d20433


   DeROSA unsigned clear rhinestone links necklace with  tiny pastel porcelain roses and matching signed clip.    View   View   View   View   #d22193

   DeROSA 2-7/8" floral basket dress clip with tiny pastel porcelain roses.   View    View   #d21672

 DeROSA art work design #307

    DeROSA large 4-1/3" floral bouquet fur clip in pastel enamels and rhinestones.   View   #d21673


DEROSA fur clip with orange and green enamel, clear rhinestones and artificial pearls, 3-1/2".   View   #d34650

DEROSA original design art work for a brooch or clip similar to the clip shown at left.

FLOWER enameled thistle brooch with clear and purple tiny rhinestones, light enamel wear, 3-5/8". This is not signed and may not be a DeRosa at all, but it is interestingly similar to the Derosa art work shown at right.   View   View   View   #Y34547

DEROSA original design art work for a brooch.


  De Rosa #102

 DeROSA sterling cream and green enameled floral fur clip, 2-1/2".  View   #d23488

De Rosa #103

De Rosa #57



De Rosa design art work #89

 DeROSA purple enameled lily 1-1/4" earrings.   View   #d21703

  De Rosa design art work #90



    DeROSA red roses 3-1/8" clip with enameling and rhinestones.  View    View   #d21162


    DeRosa #1   


DEROSA red glass bead grapes fruit fur clip with green enameled leaves and clear rhinestone accents all set in gold tone, circa 1940, 2-3/4" by 2". This is in excellent condition and looks a bit like a DuJay, but it's marked "DeRosa" on the clip back. Just gorgeous and in excellent condition.  View   #d36063

 DeRosa #24



  DeRosa signed pink enameled flower clip with faux pearl stamen and rhinestone accents.   View   #d20434  

  The De Rosa original art work design for the flower brooch shown at the left.  #202    

DE ROSA huge 3-dimensional rose bud 4" fur clip with invisibly set rose colored glass, rhinestones and faux pearl.    View    View    View    View   #d19517

DeRosa #58  


    DeRosa #426

     DeROSA red "carved" petals 2-3/8" floral clip with a glass opalescent center.  View    View  #d21163

DeROSA 3" flower fur clip with blue enameled petals, free-standing pink crystal stamen, and a faux pearl center.   View   View    #d20622    

    De Rosa #231
This illustration shows the same unsupported rhinestone flower petals like those are used in the flower clip shown at left.


  DeROSA 4-5/8" fur clip, stylized flower with red beads and red and clear rhinestones.   View    #d24359 DeROSA #248   DeROSA unsigned 6-3/4" by 1" bracelet with green enameled stems and red and clear rhinestones.   View   View   View   #d24360  DeROSA #80
DeROSA #60


FLORAL brooch in the style of DeRosa or Dujay, but with no signature, 3-1/2" long. Lovely purple glass beads as stamen, transparent green enameled leaves and clear rhinestones.   View   #d20383

De Rosa #104

  DeROSA  re-enameled fur clip with rhinestones and faux pearl center, 3-3/4". Shown in the ad at right.  View   #d23570

De Rosa ad courtesy of Pat Seal.


    DeROSA bleeding heart floral 3-3/4" fur clip with enameling and rhinestones.  View  #d21158

De Rosa #201      

DeROSA arrowroot floral clip.   View   #d21160  

   De Rosa Arrowroot design art work for the clip shown at left.  #146      


De Rosa design art work for the clip shown at right.   #128

   DEROSA sterling vermeil aqua and clear rhinestones fur clip, 3-1/4". we have had this same piece as a brooch and as a fur clip.   View #d24925   

DeROSA 3-7/8" floral clip with aqua rhinestones.   View   #d21161

    De Rosa design art work very similar to the clip shown at left.   #130


 DeROSA 4-5/8" floral fur clip in gold tone with red and clear rhinestones.   #d19809

DeROSA  146

    DeROSA sterling vermeil bouquet fur clip, 3-1/2" by 2-1/2" and stands 3/4" deep. It has glass pearl flowers and the petal edges are accented by clear rhinestones with rich red emerald-cut rhinestone buds.  View
Courtesy of Christi Chapman

De Rosa #142


    DeROSA red and clear rhinestones floral pin, 2-7/8".   View   #d23051

DEROSA original design art work for jewelry.   #377

DE ROSA red and clear rhinestones 2-1/2" brooch, re-made from a fur clip  View   #d19792

De Rosa #127


De Rosa #122

 DE ROSA 3 inch gold washed sterling brooch with green glass cabochons and tiny clear rhinestones.   View    View    View     #d19201 

De Rosa #175

   DeROSA fur clip
Courtesy of Tammy Hellberg


    DeROSA  topaz-colored and clear rhinestones 3" three dimensional rose fur clip.   View   #d21701

    DeROSA sterling 4" stylized flower fur clip with green rhinestone petals.  View   #d21700   

De Rosa #263 

  DeROSA green and white enameled fur clips with multi-colored rhinestones.   View   View   View   #d23551


DeROSA gold tone large three-dimensional 4" wild rose fur clip with green rhinestone center and faux pearl accents.   View   #d22076

De Rosa #132

 DE ROSA gold tone wild rose 2-5/8" fur clip with a very three-dimensional design.   #d19671    View 

De Rosa #143



De Rosa #10

DE ROSA pink rhinestone and enameled bracelet and fur clip.  View    View    #d19062

De Rosa #7





    DeROSA face motif fur clip made from the design shown at right, 2-11/16". It has an unfoiled pink rhinestone face and a pastel pink, blue and topaz colored rhinestones crown, and all in a gold tone metal setting.  View   #d20623

    Original art work design for the face clip shown at left.

   De Rosa unsigned bird brooch made from the design art work at the right. The blue glass cabochon wings are accented by clear rhinestones, and they are all in a gold tone setting, circa 1940  #d20435 

The De Rosa original art work design for the bird brooch shown at the left.  #174         




The DeRosa art work shows what looks like a fly that might detache from a leaf brooch.

DEROSA fly clip with plique wings marked on the back DeRosa and sterling, 1-1/3".  View   View   #d37735


 DEROSA enameled pheasant fur clip with clear rhinestone accents set in silver tone, circa 1940, 4-1/3". Wonderful painted detail and the large size makes this very special.   View   View   #d35732 


     DeROSA gold tone poodle 2-1/4" clip with clear rhinestones. View  #d21157

DeRosa #215

De Rosa #17    

De Rosa artificial pearls clip.


    De Rosa #151

DE ROSA very three-dimensional enameled 3" fish fur clip. Some of the finish is missing from the tail, but this is still cheerful and lovely!    View   #d19516

De Rosa #153

De Rosa #154




    DEROSA flower fur clip with pink center of grooved glass and clear rhinestone accents, 3-1/4" by by 2".   View   View   #d37323

  DEROSA swirl fur clip with grooved aqua tips set in gold tone with clear rhinestone accents, all set in gold washed silver, marked on the back "R. DeRosa", circa 1940, 2-1/4". The finish does show wear at close examination.   View   View    #d37371

DEROSA large brooch with red, blue and clear rhinestones set in gold tone with green enameling, 4-1/3".  View   #d37320   


DEROSA leaf fur clip with deep red and clear rhinestones in rose and yellow gold tone setting, circa 1945, 3-5/8".    View   #d33634   DEROSA sterling gilt flower brooch with single purple rhinestone, clear rhinestone accents, 3".  View  #D36387


   DeRosa art work for the clip shown at right.  #99

   DeROSA retro-style 3-1/3" sterling vermeil fur clip with red baguettes, faux pearl and blue rhinestone.   View   #d22511

De Rosa fur clip

Reinad brooch which looks almost exactly like the DeRosa fur clip shown at left.
Courtesy of Bobye Syverson



   De Rosa advertisement from 1941. Note the similarities to the two pieces at left.

   DeROSA 3" long by 2" wide fur clip matching the advertisement at left. The center 1" aqua rhinestone is highly faceted, and this entire clip is very three-dimensional and substantial.   View
Courtesy of  Christi Chapman

De Rosa design art work  #366



  UNSIGNED retro purple and clear rhinestones brooch, 3-1/2". While this may not be a DeRosa at all, it is similar to some of their design art work.   View   #Y22107

  De Rosa art work  #400

De Rosa #29  


De Rosa #365

Clip marked only "sterling".
Courtesy of  Deborah Kosnett

DE ROSA 2-1/3" fur clip with a large oval faceted red rhinestone center and clear rhinestone accents. This clip also came in another color, VIEW here.  View   #d19834

De Rosa #205


De Rosa #12

   De Rosa fur clip, identical in design to the pin back brooch shown at right.    View   #d19782

   DeROSA brooch with both rose colored and regular gold wash, 2-3/4" long by 1-3/4" wide. This is interesting as it shows that DeRosa made the exact same designs in both pin backs and fur clips.   View
Courtesy of Christi Chapman

De Rosa #2


De Rosa #8

De Rosa 2-1/8" fur clip with aqua rhinestone center.    View   View  #d19070

De Rosa #9


  DeRosa Retro style art work.  #330 DEROSA fur clip with deep blue, pale yellow and clear unfoiled and foiled rhinestones set in gilt silver metal, signed "R DeRosa" on the back, circa 1940, slight finish wear, 3" by 2-1/4".   View   #d37174    ART WOK #329


DeROSA Miscellaneous


De Rosa #533

DeRosa #306

DeROSA necklace and earrings advertisement.

DeRosa #530


   DeROSA leaves and strawberries jewelry.

  DeROSA  rhinestone and enameled 3-1/8" strawberry fur clip.  View   #d23233

   DeROSA leaves and strawberries jewelry.   View



De Rosa #519

    DeROSA strawberry 15" necklace and earrings.  
View   View   View   View    View  View   View #d20199



   DeROSA blue and clear rhinestones necklace.   View   View   #d21250

DeRosa art work for the necklace shown at left.   #542  

  DEROSA sterling vermeil and faux pearl 14-1/2" necklace and 1" earrings with rhinestone accents.  View   View  #d21239   

   De Rosa #


   DEROSA clear rhinestones set in silver tone 15" necklace.    View   View   #d23415

De Rosa #530

  DEROSA unsigned sterling clear rhinestones set in silver tone 7" by 3/4"  bracelet.   View   View   View   #d23417

 De Rosa #11


   DEROSA sterling and clear rhinestones  6-3/4" by 3/4" bracelet.    View   View   View   #d23416  

De Rosa #503

   DEROSA clear rhinestones set in silver tone 1-1/4"  earrings.  View   #d23418

 De Rosa #8


    DeROSA clear rhinestones and faux pearls brooch with a feather motif, 1-7/8".  View   #d23050

  DEROSA green rhinestone earrings with clear rhinestone accents.   View   #d22148

     De Rosa #517

De Rosa #170  


DEROSA original design art work.  #271 DEROSA Deco clear crystal "O" and rhinestones dress clip, 2".   View   #d20629 DEROSA Deco green crystal "O" and rhinestones dress clips, set of two,  2" each.  View   #d24358


De Rosa #523

DE ROSA bracelet with green enameled leaves and an aqua rhinestone with faux pearl accents, all on a gold tone band, 7" x 1-1/3".     View    View    View    View    View     #d19512 



DeROSA clip with pale aqua enameled flowers and red and clear rhinestone accents.   View   View   #d21152 

    De Rosa #210    

     DeROSA  8" by 1-7/8" antiqued gold tone bracelet with blue and red cabs.   View   View    #d21702

De Rosa design art work #466


De Rosa #28

DE ROSA enameled and rhinestone fur clip.    View   View   #d18851

De Rosa #164
     The hand written note at the bottom says, "tres en relief", meaning very three-dimensional.

       DE ROSA 1-3/4 inch clip in antiqued gold tone with pomegranate glass beads tucked into the petals.   View   View   #d19141


    DeROSA sterling vermeil 2" by 1-1/2" fur clip with faux pearls.  View
Courtesy of Christi Chapman

   DeRosa gold tone petals earrings with faux pearls.   View  #d20625

De Rosa advertisement
Courtesy of Pat Seal and Cathy Gordon

   DeRosa  2-1/4" fur clip with gold tone petals and red bead center.   View  #d20624



  De Rosa sterling fur clip
Courtesy of Linda Kripke

  De Rosa illustration somewhat similar to Linda's brooch shown at left.   #188

De Rosa #160



De Rosa #177

  De Rosa ad
Courtesy of Pat Seal 

De Rosa #180

De Rosa #193


DE ROSA pink rhinestone fur clip.

De Rosa #397

   DeROSA sterling vermeil 3" bow fur clip.  View  #d21837

DeRosa #3


1946 De Rosa advertisement
Courtesy of Pat Seal

De Rosa #159

De Rosa #113

De Rosa advertisement from Harper's Bazaar February 1947.
Courtesy of Pat Seal 


De Rosa necklace #233
De Rosa earrings #238

   DeROSA sterling vermeil fur clip with artificial pearls, 2-1/2", circa 1945.  View   #d24924

De Rosa advertisement from Harper's Bazaar 1946.
Courtesy of Pat Seal 

De Rosa #232


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