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BIB NECKLACES~ Sally Parsons 


SALLY PARSONS: "My special passion is "bibs".  I love the way they cover a large display area and they glow and sparkle! The ones with crystals and glitz can light up the face of the wearer and reflect many twinkles in her eyes... I  just love them! I wouldn't be surprised if my Mom used a rhinestone studded terrycloth bib on me as a child."



PINK "buds" necklace created with faceted crystals in rosy rainbow coloration.

HOBE glass beads and rhinestones in a green and purple combination.

ORANGE rhinestone bib and matching earrings.

One of my grandmothers taught me how to cook and sew, and she collected dolls. My other one taught me how to sip tea, clean fine china and wear the finest costume jewelry. She always had the most unique pieces. Now that she has passed on my Mom and I take turns wearing her jewelry. I know that would make her happy, and of course some of the gems find their way to the necks of the many dolls left to us. 

RED RHINESTONES add richness to this dynamic bib necklace.  

DOLL bib necklace in black teardrops and clear rhinestones. It came off of my doll , it was made specifically for her and it fits my granddaughters. 

GLITTER BIB Of all my many bibs - this one has made its way to the favorites - mainly because the stones are so unusual they look to be clear Lucite with pieces of glitter domed over red or black enamel... feels like you are wearing cabochon marbles around your neck, and yet its not that heavy.

I have always liked those dangly, drippy, glittery necklaces and never knew they were called "bibs" till I joined Jewel Collect. As you can see I have extremely eclectic tastes.. from tasteful to ridiculous! My co-workers check everyday to see what necklace I am wearing..

RED rhinestones and aurora borealis glitter in this ornate bib necklace. This ornate piece consists of layers of brass with filigree designs and several different shapes of pomegranate red crystals

TEAL rhinestones set in a wonderful symmetrical bib necklace using marvelous deep teal baguettes.

RED faceted crystals dangle form this gold tone mesh collar.


AUTUMN BIB with hardly any room for another bauble! All autumn colors, creamy pearl drops, white & gold, adjustable length and hangs 8" in the center.

RUBY RED crystal beads lie captured beneath golden filigree jackets forming a bib.  Every part of the design is surrounded by aurora borealis rhinestones.  Necklace fits a 16/17" neck. Clip earrings are 1" in length and match perfectly.

KARU ornate bib necklace with colorful rhinestones tucked within the filigree work, signed on the center-back.




LACY metallic links interspersed with faux pearls... a terrific combination! Light weight silver chains hang in a scalloped pattern with a tear drop pearl enhancing each junction

shaped black, faux pearl and rhinestones necklace. The "boomerang" is actually a plastic piece I found and added a beaded chain to it

metal bib.... brushed gold tone metal with pearlized enamel inserts really fun to wear and tactile, I also have a matching bracelet, both signed Napier.




STYLIZED elephant in multi-textured gold tone.

I seem to have quite a few figural bibs. People really notice them, they always seem to be a great way to get into a marvelous conversation.  

My Gold "Elephant bib" gets a lot of attention! He's a heavy one, but really gives some bold style to a
black sweater. He's in excellent condition, very dimensional and 3 inches across. The end of the trunk does point up for good luck... whew!!

ELEPHANT in both size and design! My "Huge Elephant bib"  really is the size of a baby bib.. it is really
light weight, fun to wear and so cool with a black t-shirt and animal print leggings, it has a bit of doming to it, an etched design and it jingles when you walk... the elephant all by itself is approx 5" x 3" and even has jingle bells on his feet.

The stations each have brass embossed elephants and brass edges,  and it attaches to rolled-leather straps. Just one of my several  jungle bibs, another one of my collections consists of "elephants" in jewelry and figurines.. I have over 300 elephants and no where to put them!!!

WIRE WORK and enameled elephant necklace. This elephant is signed GoldCrown and is found in Roseann Ettingers book "60's-70's & 80's Popular Costume Jewelry" on page 85.

The first figural bib I ever bought was this one. It is well balanced and lays perfectly on the neck and seems to have a whimsical movement to him, his saddle blanket swings back and forth.. the entire front of my neck is covered by this over 6" creature. plus he hangs down 4".  He's not that heavy however, due to an artistic design cutting thru the metal.


PANDAS  Although it is unsigned,  I believe this set was created by Lee Sands. Lee has done other inlaid animals such as lions, but he is mainly known for his cultured pearl creations and eel skin. This panda has one of the cuter faces and he is about 3 inches wide. The earrings are just over 1 inch.

ZEBRA bib necklace. Yes, very huge, but light in weight. It looks like the zebra image was pounded in to antiqued silver using the sandbag method, taught to me by my grampa, who was a coppersmith... he made beautiful urns and furniture but he didn't make jewelry, unfortunately. Maybe I'll try my hand at it, since there is not a lot of copper jewelry out there! 

BUTTERFLY bib necklace. The wings are carved through and I think the material is over 1/8 of an inch thick and  3" across.




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TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
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