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Jewelry Ads, 1960-70's

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One of the most exciting reference sources for attributing and dating vintage jewelry is the advertising in magazines from years past. These wonderful old ads illustrate how jewelry was worn, when it was made, and how it coordinated with the styles of the time.

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 Vogue 1960


TRIFARI "Lily and Leaf" 1961

TRIFARI "Lightning"
Town & Country 1961


  TRIFARI  "Fantasies" blue faux moonstone body and clear rhinestone accents 2-1/4" brushed gold tone bird pin and sweater clip, 8" chain 1" clips, circa 1960.   View   #T10863  

1960  Trifari advertisement

Trifari birds
Trifari "Fantasies" bird pins and earrings, circa 1960.

  TRIFARI  faux moonstone bird pins, set of 3 at 2-3/4", 2-1/4" and 1-3/4", all with clear rhinestone accents set in brushed gold tone.    View   #T13343 




TRIFARI brushed gold tone and clear rhinestone sweater clips.   #T0128

TRIFARI "Serpentine"
possibly from "Harper's Bazzar" 1961



   Trifari pearl belly rooster 2-7/8" pin and 1-1/4" earrings. View    View     #T15962

"She can't see a thing but Fantasia by Trifari. Precious pets to caper on a collar, light on a lapel, scintillate on a sleeve. Staring the new pearl-like jewelry made from the iridescent shell of the oyster.. set in rich delicately textured Trifanium.."

Trifari "Fantasies" bee pin   View    #T13677

TRIFARI Trifanium Beads
Harper's Bazaar 1962


      Trifari ad, circa 1960

TRIFARI clear rhinestones and brushed gold tone rose brooch with two different styles of earrings to go with it. The pin is 3-1/4" and clip back earrings are each 1". This is a set with a very three-dimensional construction and extremely well made. All the pieces are in excellent condition and circa 1960.   View   View   View   View   View   View   #T6162

TRIFARI "Chantilly"
modeled by Suzy Parker
Harper's Bazaar 1962

   TRIFARI "Chantilly" gold tone and artificial pearls 1960's 2-1/3" sheaf brooch, circa 1962.  #T24722


TRIFARI "Basket Weave"
Harper's Bazaar 1962

TRIFARI "Suspended Animation"
Town & Country Magazine 1962

TRIFARI "Reverie"
Harper's Bazaar 1962

TRIFARI "Locarno"
Harper's Bazaar 1962


TRIFARI "Sahara"
modeled by Suzy Parker
Harper's Bazaar 1963

  TRIFARI "Avignon"
Harper's Bazaar 1963

  TRIFARI "Egrets"1963

TRIFARI "Egrets" earrings.
Courtesy of Robin Deutsch


Christmas 1964

TRIFARI "Samara"
Harper's Bazaar 1964
   TRIFARI 1964

TRIFARI "Trifarium White"
Harper's Bazaar 1964



TRIFARI blue enameled flower brooch.
Courtesy of Sharon Murray

TRIFARI "Blondes"
Harper's Bazaar 1965

1965 Christmas ad
"Have a very Trifari Christmas"


TRIFARI "Symphony" 1965

TRIFARI "Petit Point Collection"
Harper's Bazaar 1965

"Trifari unveils Jewels of India"
Town & Country 1965

  Trifari "Jewels of India" hinged bangle and brooch.


TRIFARI ark 1966

TRIFARI turtle brooch.
Courtesy of Sharon Murray
TRIFARI Modern Mosaics 1966.

 TRIFARI mosaic poured glass red, green and blue Christmas tree brooch with clear rhinestone accents all set in gold tone, 2-1/8".   View   #T26409



TRIFARI "Golden Girl"
Harper's Bazaar 1966

TRIFARI "Ice Flambe"
Vogue 1966

TRIFARI "Camelot" earrings
Town & Country 1967



TRIFARI 1966 Trifari advertisement
"Trifari's Fireworks"

      TRIFARI "Shooting Star" yellow and clear rhinestone 3-1/2" pin and 1" earrings from the 1966 "Starflight" line, also known as the "Fireworks" line.  View   #T20016

1967  Trifari advertisement
"Enamels here, there and everywhere"

Trifari pea pod brooches.


TRIFARI  "The Cool Jewel"
Vogue & Harper's Bazaar  1967

   TRIFARI  silver tone and clear rhinestones two-blossom  pin, 2 1/3".  View   #T23876  Vogue  1968 

   TRIFARI red cabochon and green enamel on gold tone bracelet,  7" by 1-1/4".   View   View   #T21178   



 TRIFARI L'Oriente green enameled brooch with coral colored glass cabochons set in textured gold tone,  2-1/3" by 1-7/8". This ad from the Vogue Magazine 1968 states that this line ran in price at the time for $5.00-22.50 each.    View   #T37349  

  TRIFARI L'Oriente white snake skin enameled on brushed gold tone brooch with orange opaque and green transparent cabochons.   View   #T32345




TRIFARI "Pets  $6.00 each"
Harper's Bazaar  1967 

TRIFARI "Garden of Eden"
Harper's Bazaar 1968

TRIFARI "The Sun Total"
Vogue 1968



 "Trifari Light" $10-15 each
Vogue  1968

TRIFARI "Something Wild"
Harper's Bazaar 1969

Vogue 1969

   TRIFARI brushed gold tone, aqua cabochons and rhinestones mushroom pin.  View   View  #T10489


TRIFARI cocktail rings
Harper's Bazaar 1968

Vogue 1969
 TRIFARI Diane Love Collection
Vogue Magazine 1972

   TRIFARI 'Diane Love' man in the moon brooch circa 1971, 2-1/2".   View   #T26611


TRIFARI "Lunar Lights"
Harper's Bazaar 1969

  TRIFARI Egypt Pharaoh brooch with loops for pendant on the back, circa 1970s, 4-1/8".   View   #T27832 

  TRIFARI Diane Love watch bracelet with an Asian fish motif, watch runs and keeps good time, 7" by 1-1/3".   View   View   View   View   View      #T27834

 TRIFARI  Diane Love 4-head with red and blue cabochons brooch, 3-1/3".   View  #T27832


TRIFARI "Ming Collection"
Harper's Bazaar 1972

TRIFARI Diane Love Collection
Vogue Magazine 1970 and 1972   

 TRIFARI Diane Love necklace, Egyptian motif, 17" by 1-1/2" with 3-3/4" front, 1970.  View   View   View   #T24997

TRIFARI "Triamond Rings"
Vogue Magazine 1972


rifari Jewelry, the ads and the jewelry 

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